Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Clowns - Love Them or Hate Them?

For some reason there are many people who don't like clowns!  I suppose some folk won't even open up this post because they hate clowns so much.

I don't mind the one above, even though he looks a bit evil.

But this one ... no, there's something really odd about him, quite unsettling!

There were both given to my Mum many years ago and she kept them on her "display unit".  My younger son hated them, so she had to put them away when we came to stay.  But, funnily enough, after she died and I asked my sons if there was anything from Gran's house that they would like, he opted for these clowns!

Do you dislike clowns?

Love, Liz

Monday, 14 April 2014

An Interesting Find!

The bright tartan cover of this booklet immediately attracted my attention in a second hand bookshop.

It is entitled "The Capital of Scotland" and contains many beautiful prints of Edinburgh landmarks.  Most of them are by the watercolour artist Robert Eadie RSW.  I had not heard of this Glasgow artist before I saw these beautiful colour reproductions.  You can read more about him here.

The booklet itself has a little about each of the places pictured and this is translated into Chinese, Polish, Russian and French.

It was produced during the war by the then Lord Provost (mayor) of Edinburgh, the Rt Hon Sir William Y Darling, as he says -

"... that it may serve not only to make the visit to this Capital City interesting but help forward the greater cause of friendship among all the Cities and all the Peoples of the World."

It was produced by Robert Grant & Son Limited, printers in Edinburgh.  Their own artist, Charles Stewart produced some of the other images.

A fabulous and very interesting find.

Love, Liz

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Normally, I Don't Do Running!

It has been one of those days!
I went into town today - Tuesday is usually when I do my rounds of the local charity shops ... except I usually go in the morning.  I was busy this morning doing some research for my other blog The Greenockian and before I knew it, it was lunchtime.  Undeterred I set off to walk into town.  Two thirds of the way in - it started to rain, and I really mean RAIN!  It poured.  Of course I hadn't taken my umbrella because it had been lovely and sunny when I set off.  I got soaked and my hair was an absolute mess - I had only just washed it this morning!

As soon as I got into town I realised that, of course, it was the school holidays - I hate going into town when there are loads of weans (kids) roaming about aimlessly - some attached to harassed parents!  But the charity shops beckoned - unfortunately every one I went into seemed to have a trio of wee old ladies - I think they were following me - who were cluttering up the space in front of the bric a brac exclaiming loudly to each other that "Oor Jean/Aggie/Senga used tae huv wan a'them!"  That's when my headache started!

Undeterred I went into the mall.  Wish I hadn't!  It was mobbed and the noise was horrendous.  I seemed to always be behind someone v---e---r---y slow.  Decided to head for home, but got myself a treat first - an Auld's fudge doughnut - they are delicious, but I try not to have one too often.  Today was an exception - I really deserved something sweet.  It has cream in the middle too!  The girl in the shop gave me my change from a £10 note in £1 coins!

I then went for the bus - it was at the stop and there was only one person waiting - I had to run.  Normally, I don't do running, but I was so desperate to get home that this was an exception.  Phew, managed.  Got off the bus and ... yup, you guessed, there was another heavy shower!  When I got in home my hair looked like some strange woven nesty thing!

Anyway - I've taken a couple of headache pills and had a cuppa with my fudge doughnut.  I'm not moving from the sofa for the rest of the day!

Love, Liz

Monday, 7 April 2014

Vintage View Two

The second issue of "A Vintage View" is out now and covers the era of the Roaring Twenties.  Once again it is a fabulous mix of items from the original Woman's Weekly magazines of the time.
The war was over and the influenza epidemic had done its worst.  More young women were finding independence through employment, and this freedom was expressed in the fashions of the times.  There are some fabulous pictures of flapper dresses and accessories as well as advice on hairstyles and beauty.  

One of my favourite ads is for a strange looking device which promise it will correct all ill-shaped noses!
There are the usual hints and tips one of which is how to disguise your dustbin, and who knew that fur could be cleaned in petrol?! 

Want to learn to tango?  Look no further than page 62 for a chart of how its done.  I can just imagine a couple of bright young things rolling back the rug, winding up the gramophone and following the instructions on these pages - might give it a go myself!
Of course no Woman's Weekly magazine would be complete without a selection of knitting and sewing patterns - including one for knitting your own silk knickers which don't look particularly comfortable to me! Wouldn't they stretch or even worse, shrink?!
I'm really enjoying this series and can't wait for the next issue.

Love, Liz

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Knit Your Own - Cocktail Dress!

I love this photograph from an old Needlewoman magazine - it somehow encapsulates an era.  Looks a bit like she's been at the gin, though!  Wonder how many "sticky out petticoats" she has on underneath?!  Does anyone remember having to starch their petticoats - I was very little at the time, so my Mum used to do it for me.  Just wore under a dress for special occasions like the Sunday School Christmas party.

Is it me - or does the woman in this advert look a bit manic!  Don't think I'd trust her with a sharp knitting needle!

Love this photo too - shame about the registration number on the scooter!

Love, Liz

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Beautiful Brooch

I seem to have kept a lot of bits and pieces which I've had since I was young and this includes broken bits of jewellery that I can't bear to throw away.  I think that's why I love Louise Pringle's Eclectic Shock jewellery so much.  She makes all sorts of wonderful creations from vintage bits and pieces mixed with other things.

When I saw this brooch on Louise's Facebook page - I know that it was just what I was looking for and was lucky enough to be able to buy it.

The watch actually works.  It is going to look great on my spring jacket - if only the weather here in Greenock would get nice enough for me to wear it! 

You may remember I bought some earrings from Louise a while ago.  They are still firm favourites and go with just about everything.  Check out more of Louise Pringle's work here.
Love, Liz

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wash Tub Blues!

Another kitchen disaster!  My washing machine gave up the ghost at the weekend, so I'm sitting waiting for my new one to arrive.

There's mounds off washing to catch up with, even although there's only hubby and I at home!  I remember when I was little, my Mum only did a washing once a week.  She had a twin tub which had to be pulled out, filled with water which was then heated up.  The clothes were done in batches, starting with the whites working down to my Dad's working clothes and my brother's football gear which went in last, because by this time the water wasn't quite so clean.  Then it all had to be rinsed and spun and the machine emptied!  Phew, no wonder she only did that once a week!

When the broken machine came out I noticed this  retro wallpaper in the space under the worktop.  Very "vintage" with its brown and orange design.  There's probably a "new" version of this on the go!  I've given it a bit of colour to jazz it up a bit.

Love, Liz

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Puppies and Kittens

Of the illustrations in my Ladybird Book collection I think these are the sweetest.

They are from "Puppies and Kittens" in the Ladybird Learning to Read series.

The illustrations are by H Woolley.  I even like the font!

Just lovely and somehow very nostalgic.

Love, Liz

With regard to the Rupert jumper in previous post - I am definitely NOT knitting one for elder son - he is over 6 feet tall!  Can you imagine how much wool it would need and how long it would take me to knit!!!!!!!  Argh!