Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Lovely cook book

I hardly knew how to boil an egg when I got married many years ago - but this fabulous cook book helped me a lot.  I also loved it because of the fabulous colour pictures and illustrations.

It is the Hamlyn All in One Cook Book first published in 1976.  The illustrations are by Robin Laurie - aren't they great!

It also has lots of photographs as well as step by step guides to choosing ingredients and very easy to follow recipes.

Always came to my rescue when I was having friends round for dinner and wanted something a wee bit special.

Do you have a favourite recipe book?

Love Liz

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Tea and interiors

I just love my new little vintage look tin which I'm using as a tea caddy.

The weather here has been awful and we suffered a bit of storm damage to our home, so I needed a bit of cheering up.

Found this new magazine - Reclaim - it has lots of great articles about upcycling and showcases some fantastic vintage furniture which has been transformed.  It has lots of photos of unusual home interiors. I just loved looking at this magazine - inspiring!

My favourite piece in the magazine is this dresser!  I don't usually go for pink, but this is just fabulous.

Love, Liz

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Card index box makeover

I love this vintage card index box.  It came from an old office which was being modernised and it was no longer required.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a "before" photograph, I was so keen to transform!  But it was just an ordinary box - not even good wood.

I gave it an undercoat of a deep, rich red.  I also used this colour on the inside of the box and the drawers.

I then painted over, very lightly, with a lovely deep blue paint, then wiped some it off so that the red would show through.

It was finished off with a coat of satin varnish.

The original alphabetical index card were still with the box.  Not sure what to do with these.

Love the little drawer pulls.  As I thought I would use it for stationery, I printed out some labels and aged the paper using a tea bag.

Talking about tea ......

Love, Liz

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Kill or cure?

I love old advertisements.  No health and safety issues with these three!

Poor lassie!  Love the non-poisonous in brackets!  Notice that there is mention of a poisonous powder dip.  Seemingly it contained arsenic.

Then there's this vintage advert for Concrete Football Boots!  Ouch, painful!

But best of all is this - Moarn's Magnetic Belt and Invigorator
Seems to be a cure-all for just about everything, including constipation and lumbago.  I love the fact that there are "Special Appliances for the Working Classes"!  Perhaps they didn't need as much invigorating!  Not sure I'd like to be standing next to someone wearing one of these!
Hope you are having a good weekend.

Love, Liz

Friday, 22 January 2016

Vintage cups and saucers

Joining up with Five on Friday for the first time this week and I'll give you one guess as to what I'm sharing!  Five lovely vintage cups and saucers - most of which were bought in local charity shops.
The first is one of my all time favourites - a Royal Vale red and white spotted set.

The second is another Royal Vale set, this time it has a lovely delicate fern and flower pattern.

Next is a lovely floral set by Sutherland of Staffordshire, England.

My fourth is another favourite - this Imperial China green and gold beauty!

Finally this gorgeous set is a Roslyn China set with a lovely soft floral pattern.

It is really difficult for me to pick out particular favourites - I like them all - for slightly different reasons.  They are just a part of my collection.
Which one is your favourite?

Pop over and see what other five things folk are sharing today at Five on Friday.

Love, Liz

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Bonny wee brooch

I very rarely notice jewellery when I'm charity shopping, but I just had to buy this lovely little vintage Scottish luckenbooth brooch.

Very popular in 17th and 18th century Scotland, luckenbooth brooches are usually made in silver in variations of hearts and crowns.  

They were often given as love tokens and worn by brides on their wedding day to bring good luck and protect against the evil eye.  Sometimes known as witch-brooches, they were also worn on babies shawls to ward off evil spirits and ensure the mother’s milk supply.

They are sometimes associated with Mary Queen of Scots and William Shakespeare reputedly owned one.

The luckenbooths, dating from the reign of James III, were a huddle of buildings running parallel to St Giles Church (now Cathedral) on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  Luckenbooth meant “lockable booth” and they were stalls which sold all sorts of trinkets and toys and jewellery.   

There was only a narrow footpath between them and the kirk.  They were pulled down in 1817 when the Royal Mile was widened.
Luckenbooth brooches were also exported as trade items and the Iroquois people in North America were also known to own some and make their own version.  

Hope you enjoyed this wee look at a bit of Scottish history and folklore.
Joining with Let's Talk Vintage.

Love, Liz

Monday, 18 January 2016

Just a little addition

My crochet granny square scarf had been hiding in the cupboard for a while till I "rediscovered" it last week.

I made it a couple of years ago to go with my black winter jacket.  Unfortunately because it was trimmed in dark grey, it didn't really show up against my jacket.

"That needs trimmed in white wool to stand out." I thought to myself ... and forgot about it.  So at the weekend I got to work crocheting another round in white.

Stands out much better now.  Perhaps I'll actually wear it.  It is lovely and cosy.

Hope you are staying snug and warm.

Love, Liz

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Home made comfort food - just what we need!

Comfort food - home made meatballs in tomato sauce - yum!  That's what Hubby and I had for our tea (what us Scots call dinner) on Friday evening.

You don't need a lot to make this dish. I used up half a pack of minced pork that I had in the freezer.  (To be honest, I much prefer my meatballs made with pork sausagemeat.).  In a big bowl I mixed it with finely chopped onion, grated carrot and some breadcrumbs (also from the freezer).  

Also added an egg to bind them together and some salt and pepper.  I rolled the mixture into balls, shoogled them in a bit of flower and put them on a baking sheet in a pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes.

While they were cooking I made the tomato sauce.  I cut some lean smoked bacon in to small pieces and fried them in olive oil - this adds a lovely smoky flavour to your sauce.  To the pot I then added finely chopped onion, carrot and celery.  I let this cook for a wee while then added some flour, mixed well and allowed to cook.  

Then it was time for a  couple of glugs of red wine - used this to get all the lovely sediment at the bottom of the pot.  Once this was done I added a tin of chopped tomatoes, a chopped red pepper, crushed garlic, a dod of tomato puree, chopped basil and a teaspoon of sugar.  

Stirred well, seasoned and simmered for half an hour or so, this sauce is so easy and tastes delicious. It is also much better if you cook it either the day before or earlier in the day you wish to have it. Once cooked I took out half to freeze.

Cooking done well before lunch time, all I had to do when Hubby got home was to cook some pasta, reheat the sauce and meatballs, grate some Parmesan cheese and pour the wine.

We had this lovely meal with a side salad and some garlic bread.  Delicious!  Best of all I've got the other half in the freezer to have another night!

Love, Liz