Wednesday 22 May 2013

Roses From Poland

I got this fabulous little tea set at the weekend.  Beautiful deep red roses on a white background.

There are five cups, saucers and side plates, a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl.

The makers mark shows that it was made in Poland.  I think the maker is (I think) Farolina - does anyone know anything about Polish china?

Can you imagine this at the top table at a gorgeous winter wedding with bridesmaids in deep burgundy dresses and beautiful red roses as a table centre?

Love, Liz


Deborah said...

Beautiful set Liz, have a happy week sweetie

Bee happy x

The Faerie Factory said...

So gorgeous. I had a winter wedding with deep red velvet bridesmaid dresses and winter berries in with the flowers. These would have looked splendid. Sarah x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Yes, definitely, winter wedding crockery! :) x

Unknown said...

What a beautiful set, unfortunately I know nothing about polish china. I'm learning as I go with the china pieces I buy, being from the Potteries I'm really enjoying discovering about all the local factories. I've bought a few pieces today which I'm trying to find more information on xx

Anne said...

Yes, it is very pretty Liz and I can well imagine it at an autumn wedding table.

Curtise said...

I know nothing about Polish china but I do know that set is very very pretty - it reminds me of my Grandma! xxx

elizabeth said...

Charming indeed!

50 and counting said...

Polish china/porcelain became widely available after the Berlin Wall went down.

Many sets were sold around the world on various television shopping channels.

I have two dinner sets that came complete with coffee pots, cream & sugars, and platers. There were some beautiful sets available. They were quite reasonably priced.

I haven't really seen similar sets on offer probably since the early 2000s. Much of it was quite ornate with gold or silver rims, raised work on the porcelain and full 12 place setting sets could be bought for under $175CDN.

I personally, am always on the lookout for china/porcelain from the old East Germany (marked DDR). It was widely exported in the late 80s.

Mum said...

Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful.
Love from Mum

sky-blu-pink said...

Poland and roses, two of my favourite things! Fantastyczny!

Evangelines Jumble of ideas said...

What a beautiful set, with the most beautiful roses are'nt china cups nice to drink out of.
Cheers Ava :)

Teiwaz said...

Hello Liz :)
My name is Christine and I am from Polish :)
It is not bone china, but Poland :)
Here I give you a link to the Porcelain Factory "Carolina".
These roses that YOU have come from about 1950 to 1960 years of the last century.
Greetings and welcome to my blog :)

Sonia said...

I have a similar tea set which belonged to my parents.It's a another beautiful set with 6 cups and saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl and tea pot. Given to them as a wedding present!! 54 years ago.

Meggiesu said...

I have exactly the same set. Have 6 cups and saucers, coffee pot, sugar bowl and milk jug. It was bought for my mother-in-law at least 50 years ago by the parents of a little Nigerian girl she fostered whilst they were in education. I love this set.