Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wild Weather - Warm Jackets

The weather has been awful here in Greenock over the last few days!  Wish I still had my cosy, warm coat from the 70s.  I  had the cream one in the middle - it was fabulous - wore it with my brown flares and a cream polo neck, just like the girl in the picture.  Thought I was the bees knees!  My hairstyle was more like the girl in the yellow jacket, though.  Wish I  had a photo to show  you ... or perhaps not!

Thispicture  is from a vintage edition of 19 magazine from the 70s.  Hope you are keeping warm and dry wherever you are.

Love, Liz


mamasmercantile said...

That was a blast from the past, it certainly brought back some nice memories. I had a coat very similar in brown to the middle one. Have a great Easter.

Curtise said...

The weather has been bonkers - bright sunshine one minute, blowing a gale and hailing the next!
Love that photo, I'd like the red coat please! xxx

Fiona said...

Crikey, my mum had a coat just like it also Liz, I'd forgotten all about it till I saw your picture. Did you see Back In Time For Dinner on tv last night?

Old Magnolia Tree said...

Ooh I wish you had that picture too!

Unknown said...

Oh, you were lucky to have such a cute coat, I would love to have one in each color! it really makes me wish I had some of my clothes from the 70s. :)