Thursday, 5 December 2019

Jackie Dating Guide 1969

What a different world it was back then!  Reading through this little booklet which came free with Jackie magazine in 1969 reminded me of the angst of those young teenage years when many hours were spend with friends discussing how to get a boyfriend.

I found this in a box of old books I had stored away at the back of a cupboard.  I suppose I kept this because it would have been the "dating bible" of its day!  My friends and I devoured each edition of Jackie magazine, plastering our bedroom walls with pictures of the latest heartthrob from Jackie.

Cathy and Claire were the agony aunts who answered all the teenage problem letters.  That page was a must read!

The little booklet is so sweet now - and actually quite sensible in many ways.  But then that's the opinion of an oldie - wonder what today's teenagers would make of it????!!!!!

Did you read the Jackie?

Love, Liz


Maggie said...

Imagine if they were to print articles like that in magazines now! I don't think they would go down too well, lol
I laughed out loud at the do's and don'ts, especially - Do let him be the boss!!!!
Oh dear :-)

Sheila said...

Yes I used to have Jackie every week and covered my bedroom walls with the posters.
I remember a fabulous poster of Marc Bolan in one issue which I wish I still had today.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

We could not get anything like this when I was growing up, one of my friends had an English aunt who purchased a subscription and got it sent out. We had to form an 'orderly queue' to be able to read it after it was paraded around. And, as is the way with girls - if you were not the 'best friend of the week' you did not get to see it for aaaaages!

Polyester Princess said...

We had magazines similar to Jackie here in Belgium, and I remember the dating and other advice given by the Agony Aunts. In hindsight, it was such an innocent age, wasn't it? xxx

Vix said...

I used to love the agony column in Jackie, they'd always suggest brokenhearted girls took up a hobby, didn't they? xxx

Mrs Tiggywinkle said...

I loved Jackie, I think it cost 8p when I started reading it in 1977 but it might have been 12p. Yes, Cathy and Claire were must-read pages. I still have my Jackie Annual from, I think, 1980. Fond memories. x

Carol said...

Don't let him be the boss :) How times have changed!!

Alysia said...

Hi, I remember reading my older sister's copy of 'Jackie'in the early 70s when I was all of 7 years old. My mother did not approve of the Kathy & Claire pages and all the boyfriend-related content so we had to buy it secretly and pass it around. I too was a massive Marc Nolan fan and still love him just as much today at the grand old age of 54. I still love groovy 70s fashions too!