Friday, 15 January 2021

Beautiful books

Before Christmas and the subsequent lockdown, I was lucky enough to nab two beautiful books in local charity shops.

The first is The Illustrated Cider With Rosie by Laurie Lee (ISBN 0091872839).  The cover didn't look too promising, but inside are some wonderful illustrations and photographs which complement the text.  It is a lovely book.  I'm sure many of you will be familiar with the novel, but I think that having the illustrations really adds to the enjoyment of the story.  This cost me just £1!

My second great find was Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden (ISBN 0-7181-1581-3).  I remember in the late 1970s when this was quite a sensation.  I'm sure many grannies and aunties got this for Christmas when it was first published.  Once again the illustrations are just lovely - I certainly would not have appreciated them in the 70s - after all, I was a mere baby (ahem)!!!  But for £1.99 I'm loving them now.  

Hope you are keeping safe and well.  

Love, Liz

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Gold and browns

I've finished the crochet blanket I started last week and I absolutely love it!  It's difficult to get the colours to show up properly in the available light - it's a dreich day here in Greenock!

I really enjoyed making this - I find crochet so relaxing.  It's a nice change from cross stitch.

I sewed in the yarn ends as I finished each square, so that I didn't have too much to do at the end.  Also stitched the squares together as I made them.  So much easier - as long as you don't have a plan in mind!

Once I'd finished, there was hardly any yarn left, so it was a great feeling to be using up my stash.

The vintage book - the Golden Picture Book of Puppies - is one of my favourites from childhood which you can read about it by clicking on the title.  Hope you are keeping safe and well.

Joining with Let's Add Sprinkles - Keep in Touch.

Love, Liz

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Vintage and loved dresser

Finally decided what I wanted on my dresser!

Just changed a few things around.  Added some of my lovely vintage floral plates.

Then arranged some of my favourite things around the shelves.

I'm very happy with the result!

Even made a new blog header from one of the photographs.

Take care, stay safe and keep blogging!

Love, Liz

Saturday, 9 January 2021

My favourite apron

My favourite apron is actually the name of a cross stitch design by Barbara Ana.  When I started I did wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew with this one, but I actually enjoyed stitching it.

I changed a lot of the colours to ones that I liked and I think it has turned out ok.

The wording reads - I cannot count my day complete till needle, thread and fabric meet.  So true!

If you look closely at the apron you can see all the letters of the alphabet.  I have no idea what I want to do with this work.  I don't think framing it would be the right thing.  Perhaps a wall hanging?  Any other ideas?

I actually do wear an apron when I'm cooking or baking.  My real favourite apron is one that I found brand new in a charity shop years ago.  Read about it here.

Take care, stay safe and keep blogging!

Love, Liz

Friday, 8 January 2021

You might need sunglasses!

My latest knitting project is a bit  bright!  

It's sort of bubblegum pink and yellow.  Anyone remember what that bubblegum from the 60s was called - this colour reminds me of it!

Of course it is a tea cosy - wonder if anyone will want it?  Too gaudy?  It will certainly bright up a kitchen!

My crochet blanket is coming along - love how these colours are mixing.

Love, Liz

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Dresser change-over

I decided that it was high time that I changed over the bits and pieces in my dresser as I was getting a bit fed up looking at the same old stuff day after day!  So I emptied the shelves to give it a bit of a clean up.  (If you want to see what it looked like before then click here.  Although it has changed a few times since then.)

Left a few vintage plates in situ - I'll arrange other bits and pieces around them.  Of course the fairy lights are essential!

Love rose quartz - that's going back, somewhere.

Blast from the past - goodness only knows how long ago I stitched these.  The little wooden herb thingies were made by my husband - probably in the 1990s.  I just painted them and added fabric tops.

Unfortunately I didn't get it finished with the dresser - the lure of stitching and crochet called me (I got overwhelmed by the task!) and I left the rearranging for another day.  That's one of the good things about lockdown - you can leave stuff lying about because it is highly unlikely that you are going to get unexpected visitors and no one can see what a bad housekeeper you are!

I'll post some pictures when I get my dresser rearranged to my satisfaction ... could take a few days! Take care and stay safe and well.

Love, Liz

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Crochet time

 I was really in the mood to start some crochet yesterday.  So, inspired by the colours in my latest cross stitch I gathered together all my odds and ends of wool in autumnal colours and got started.

There's something very calming and satisfying about crochet - that's what I find anyway.  The only bit I dislike is sewing in all the little ends of wool!  Here's one of my previous crochet blankets.

I don't need to concentrate too much on this, so it is perfect to keep me occupied when I am only half-watching tv.  (Not that there's much on to watch at the moment!)

Got out for a walk today in the lovely sunshine and the views of the snowy hills across the River Clyde were spectacular!  I am so lucky to live here.  Hope everyone is well and coping with the latest lockdown rules.  Let's keep crafting for our sanity!!!!

Love, Liz

Monday, 4 January 2021


My cross stitch new start for 2021 is one of these lovely Autumn Saltboxes by Plum Street Samplers.  I think I may have mentioned before that I enjoy stitching houses.

I love the autumnal colours in this particular one.  I'm just using threads from my stash which match those in the picture - trying to use up what I've already got.  Perhaps it is my age (or the fact that I'm a thrifty Scot), but I am constantly amazed at the stitchers who buy all new threads when they start a project.  I can't believe how anyone can justify that when they may already have it.  Mind you, there are some people who have more that 50 stitching projects on the go at any one time, so perhaps it gets confusing as to what they do and don't have!

Anyway - did you know that a saltbox house is a particular style of New England house.  They were so named because of their resemblance to actual salt boxes.  You can tell a saltbox house by its asymetrical sloping roof.  I learn something every day!  You can read a good post about saltbox houses here.

Love, Liz

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Enjoying reading

Don't you just love that feeling of starting a new book in a series that you've enjoyed?  I've just started Revelation by C J Sansom.  It is the fourth book in the Shardlake Series - which follows lawyer Matthew Shardlake as he investigates various crimes during the chaos which followed Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.

Although this is a series of books, each can be enjoyed in its own right.  The author C J Samsom really gets into the details of life in Tudor England - perhaps not for the fainthearted!  The great news is that after I've finished this book, I've still another three to read!

So - do you have any good book recommendations?  Let me and my readers know in the comments below (I'm sorry that I don't seem to be able to reply to comments, don't know why.)

I'd like to wish you all very best wishes for 2021.  Let's make the most of whatever the future holds.

Love, Liz

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Home bird

 At last I've actually got around to fully finishing one of my cross stitch projects!  

I really enjoyed stitching this.  It is called Bluebird Out My Window by Brenda Gervais (With Thy Needle and Thread).

Check out Brenda's Facebook Page to see some of her other lovely patterns and there's even a free Christmas pattern which she is kindly sharing on her page.

Loved stitching this - the colours are so pretty.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  Here in my part of Scotland we're in Tier 4 lockdown, so very strict rules - basically stay home.  Still, that means I've no excuses for not getting on with my stitching!

Love, Liz

Sunday, 6 December 2020

Just what I was looking for!

It's been ages since I had a good rummage around the local charity shops, but recently I was on the lookout for something.  You know that feeling that you'll know what you are looking for when you see it?  That's the way I was - and I found just what I was looking for!

I needed a wee something, probably glass, to make a display plate.  I found exactly the right thing!  Oh, and of course, something else, totally random that just had to come home too!  I found this little glass dish which I hot glued to a ancient pyrex flan dish I've had for absolute ages and made a lovely little display plate.  I could also use this as a cake stand too!

I put some Christmas bits and pieces on it and its sits in my kitchen - I added some lights to make it sparkle.  I love it and for just £1 it was exactly what I needed!

The other find was a little plaque.  I've already taken off the tatty string, sanded and painted it.  I'm hoping to add one of my cross stitch pieces to it.  I'll show you it when I've finished.  Two finds in one day in the one shop!  Result!  Hope you've been lucky recently.

Love, Liz