Thursday, 9 September 2021

Time Team is back!

Great news - Time Team (TV show) is coming back!  Many of you will remember Time Team - it was a great programme about archaeology with a fabulous team of down to earth academics who were great at making archaeology and history interesting and fun to many.  I still have my original Time Team badge.

Well the good news is that they have their own YouTube channel - Time Team Classics where you can view again some of their fabulous programmes.  They also have another channel Time Team Official where the team discuss their part in various digs and - best of all - talk about what the future holds for Time Team.

There are a couple of new digs in the pipeline - so exciting!  If you loved Time Team then please go and visit their channels on YouTube and you can even support their future endeavours by becoming a Patreon member of their Channel (click on link or on "Community" on the Channel header to find out more).  Such good news!!

Love, Liz

Thursday, 26 August 2021

Gorgeous Greenock

What a great and busy summer this has been!

Spire of former St George's North Church, Greenock

Not a lot of crafting done, but isn't lovely just being able to go out walking with friends and then going for coffee.  Who would have thought that a once simple thing like meeting for coffee could become such a great thing!
Former tobacco warehouses, Greenock

I've loved walking and exploring my hometown of Greenock.  I try to walk on the Esplanade every day - its my favourite walk.

Detail of fountain on Esplanade, Greenock

Love, Liz

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Local History

I've not been doing much sewing recently - my other hobby has been taking up a lot of my time!  I love researching local history - like many of you out there.  I'm fascinated with the history of this area of Inverclyde in Scotland and have another blog where I publish some of the stories of the buildings and people I'm interested in - The Greenockian.  I've just recently opened a YouTube Channel - Greenockian - where I plan to publish some short presentations about my research.  I hope you might pop over and have a look.

My latest presentation is about the Galt Family of Greenock.  John Galt, the author and founder of the city of Guelph in Canada was educated here in Greenock.  He returned here in ill health and lived with his sister Agnes for a while before his death in 1839.  He is buried in Invekip Street Cemetery in Greenock.  You can view the presentation here.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer.  Take care - Love, Liz

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Vintage Sampler

I found this gorgeous sampler at the weekend and it just had to come home with me.

It is dated 1902 and was stitched by Maggie Fraser.  

It is a beautiful sampler and I think it is Scottish because of the bright red and green which are colours traditionally used in Scottish samplers.  It has other fancy stitching as well as cross stitch.  It also has some pretty motifs.

I have no idea whether it is an original from 1902 or a well distressed modern piece, but whatever it is, I love it!  (Will probably change the frame at some point.)

One of my better vintage finds for a while!

Love, Liz

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Spring House

I often have problems deciding how to display some of the little bits and pieces that I stitch.  But I found what I think is the perfect solution to make my little Spring House piece look pretty.

I found this little box frame in The Range in Greenock (click on link to see frame).  It already had a neutral fabric background and came with a little bag of pearl headed pins.

I just put a running stitch around the edge of my sewing, frayed the outside edge slightly and added four pretty little buttons to the corner.  Then all I had to do was pin the stitching to the frame background.  It is quite deep and has a hinge opening, so it is a useful frame for all sorts of pretties!

The pattern is free from Melissa at Pinker n' Punkin Quilting.  Check out Melissa's blog for some really pretty patterns lovely displays.  Thanks Melissa for the lovely pattern.  Don't you just love it when things come together easily!

Love, Liz

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Last Shardlake

 Argh!!!!  I've finished "Tombland" by C J Sansom - the last in the Shardlake series.

Set in the early days of the reign of Edward VI it tells of lawyer Shardlake's involvement in Kett's Rebellion in Norfolk.  It is full of wonderful descriptions of Norwich - it is now on my bucket list of places to visit.  I was there with my parents when I was a child but don't remember anything about it.  Can't wait to visit sometime soon.  

Any advice on places to stay, eat, discover, visit?

Love, Liz

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

George and Matilda Mouse

My younger son loved these books when he was a little boy.  George and Matilda Mouse by Heather Buchanan.

The illustrations are just gorgeous!  

They tell the story of a little mouse family and their adventures.

Can't bring myself to take them to the charity shop, so they will stay with me in the meantime.

Do you have trouble giving away things that your children loved?

Love, Liz

Monday, 10 May 2021

May Stitching

I've really been enjoying my two latest cross stitch projects.  This lovely little saltbox house is from a free pattern by Melisa at Pinker n Punkin Quilting.  Check out her blog for some lovely posts and some great free cross stitch patterns.  I think I'm addicted to stitching saltbox houses!

The pattern is actually called Spring Green Saltbox, but as you can see I changed all the colours.  I decided to have pink flowers because all the may blossom was on the trees when I started this.  We've had some pretty wild weather recently, so there's not much blossom left!

If you are on Instagram don't forget you can see more of my stitching progress at Scottish Stitcher.

I also made good progress on Folk Art Sampler by Tiny Modernist.

Love, Liz

Friday, 30 April 2021

Seaside House

 Just finished this lovely wee cross stitch house.  Really enjoyed stitching it.

Its from The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings.  Because I was stitching it on its own and not as part of a bigger project, I decided to brighten up some of the colours.  I also did a little bit of alterations on the house windows - just made them a stitch bigger.  I had previously stitched the lovely ship from the same pattern.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out.

Also finished reading Lamentation by C J Sansom.  It's part of the Shardlake Series.  Didn't enjoy it as much as Heartstone, but it was a good read.

Can treat myself to a new cross stitch start this weekend.  Hope you've had some finishes and some good reads recently.

Love, Liz

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Vintage china and spring houses

 At last I finished this gorgeous cross stitch design - Spring Houses by Waxing Moon Designs.  

I love the colours in this.  You can stitch the houses separately as I did previously with the Christmas Houses.  I decided to stitch mine in a row and I'm really pleased with how it has turned out.  I added some flowers to the fences between the houses to give it a coherent look.

Which house would you like to live in?  I think I would like to live in the blue house with those lovely window boxes.

I looked out a lovely spring teacup and saucer - the colours just go so perfectly with this little stitch.  The cup and saucer are Hazeldean New Chelsea design and I got them in a charity shop a few years ago.  You can see more of them in my blog post here.

Now my usual big problem of how to finish this off!

Love, Liz

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Spoiled for choice!

I got some lovely happy mail from The Patchwork Rabbit needlework shop - some new cross stitch patterns which I had purchased.  They have a great online service. The Patchwork Rabbit is based in Bromham in England but I'm adding links to the individual designers web pages.

So many to choose from - not sure which I'll start first!

Loved this little lady from Tiny Modernist - Folk Art Sampler.

Isn't this just the cutest house?  Plum Tree Cottage by Rosewood Manor.

Love the colours in this
Sampler Patches Revisited by Homespun Elegance.

Last but not least I thought these houses were great - not sure about the bees! 
Honey Hill Hamlet by Artful Offerings.

That should keep me going for a little while!

Which is your favourite?

Love, Liz

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Spring crochet and a butterfly

Out walking around Greenock yesterday I saw my first butterfly of the year.  It was such a lovely day and it seemed to be enjoying the sunshine, drying off its wings.

Finished my green crochet blanket a few weeks ago.  Love the spring colours.

Bright and cheery.

Happy Easter to you all.

Love, Liz