Thursday 10 March 2011

Scotch Pancakes

No, they don't contain whisky!  Well, I suppose if you really wanted to ………..!

scotch pancakes or dropped scones

Sorry  I missed pancake day - I always made pancakes when my boys were small. We would eat them hot, straight from the pan - the butter would melt into the pancake ………. mmmmm ………. delicious!

As you can see, here in Scotland we have our own pancakes - quite different from the pancakes or crepes which you usually see at this time of year.  Naturally, one of the differences is that they contain sugar!  They are smaller and are absolutely wonderful served with butter or jam.  Really quick to make, too.

I use the recipe from this book published by the Milk Marketing Board (1970s).

I was given this book by my then fiancé on Valentine's Day before we were married (August).  Do you think it was a gentle hint? 
Anyway, dear reader - I married him!

Actually it is a great recipe book - well used over the years!

Love, Liz


Jem said...

Oh how I love dropped scones! A real family favourite and a treat you can enjoy year round too :-)

I also missed pancake day so will be whipping some up tonight or the other half will feel he's been neglected this year!

Jem xXx

Betty said...

Liz, your pancakes look Wonderful! I love them anytime, HOT straight off the griddle with lots of butter and my homemade syrup. My pancake recipe is very similar to your with only the addition of 2 oz. more flour and 3 teaspoons baking powder which gives them good rise. If you'd like to try my syrup (you can even make it in the microwave) bring to rolling boil equal parts (say 4oz./1/2 cup) white sugar, brown sugar, water and approx. 1 tablespoon butter (may add liquid from canned unsweetened blueberries for part of the water if you wish). Continue to boil 1-2 minutes, longer will result in very sticky/gooey syrup as it cools (if there's any left HaHa). Hugs

Curtains in My Tree said...

I will take a few of those pancakes and hot syrup and a cup of hot tea please.

That all looks good to me. I can't wait to get home and make me a cup of tea.

Thanks for coming over to my blog and visiting and leaving a sweet comment when I did my tea cups and tea pots.


Scarlett said...

Looks yummy - I missed Pancake day too - I kept quiet so hubby didnt notice lol. Scarlett x

Catherine said...

I also missed pancakes' day, but we already had one in february and i loved eating them with honey. Thank you for your recipe.I wish you a good weekend Catherine