Wednesday 30 March 2011

Tea and Royalty

The luck of the Irish was certainly with me the other day when I was out trawling through some charity shops.

I found this lovely little apron - it perfectly matches my shamrock tablecloth!
There was a dinky little napkin with it, although it has a slightly different design.
I can just imagine myself serving afternoon tea bedecked in this little apron (well …….. a bit of imagination may be required here, although I can get it tied at the back!)

I would serve my homemade scones arrayed on this lovely wee plate.  Love the autumnal shades here.

And my guest would be ……. Colin Firth (wait, no …….. that's another scenario!)

That thought was brought on by my last find, a lovely little booklet from the 50s about King George.

It would appear to be part of a series.

Isn't this a cute little picture?

Have been amazed at some of the prices in charity shops!  Is it my imagination or have they shot up recently?  I know its for charity, but some of the stuff was real tat (as opposed to the stuff we love, which is totally different ha ha)!!!!

Love, Liz


Diane said...

What lovely finds. My charity shop hasn't twigged on to price increases yet so don't tell them! xxxx

keshling said...

Absolutely! Clothing especially has shot up (more so if the shop thinks it's 'vintage'). I'm also finding that crummy tat that's not really old is going up too. Jigsaws are pretty constant, if you're interested....;)

Unknown said...

I saw a Primark top in the charity shop the other day it was soooo expensive, it was probably cheaper when it was new!!..... knowing their prices!! Lovely finds x

Scarlett said...

Yes the prices have shot up in my area - blugh. You've got some lovely treasures there, esp loving the King George booklet. Scarlett x

Jill said...

Lovely finds but I especially love the apron!

GardenOfDaisies said...

What great finds!!! I love the shamrock embroidered linens. And I have a small (but hopefully growing) collection of royal things.

Kate Kerrigan said...

Freaking out IN LOVE WITH your shamrock gear! I want come come and visit your house. With a big bag - and steal everything!