Tuesday 31 May 2011

Hidden Charger!

Blogger isn't letting me upload any photos today, and since the post I was going to do is mostly photos - well, no point!

So I'll update you on the phone charger.  I found it this morning after looking for it for two days. 

It was lying on the window sill in my study - a room I spend a lot to time in.  The window is right across from the door, so I see it the minute I walk in the room.  The phone charger was not hidden, obscured, or covered by anything - it was just lying there!

My only excuse is that I've been avoiding looking at that window,  because since the ash cloud (Icelandic volcano) its been a bit, err, well, dirty - and I haven't got round to cleaning it yet!

So I have two questions:-

1.         Where has charger been for two days ... holidays?
2.         Anyone else still having trouble with Blogger?

Love, Liz

1 comment:

Kylie said...

glad you found it Liz, don't you hate it when that happens!!!
Blogger is working fine for me...but I've had a few emails from people who say it still isn't working for them.

p.s. And yes. I will still talk to you when I'm famous. Ha-Ha!