Thursday 2 June 2011

Co-op Memories!

Does anyone remember these!  Good old Co-op stamps!  My Mum and Gran were great collectors of these and woe betide if you were sent for the messages (shopping) and returned without them!

I can go even further back - I actually remember my Mum's co-op dividend number!  It was only two digits, so not too difficult!  My Gran's number had four digits, I can't remember it.

My Gran used to send me to the Co-op dairy round the corner (no roads to cross), when I was very young.  Before I went, I had to recite the number to her.  All the way to the shop I would go over it again and again in my head!  By the time I got to the shop, I had either forgotten the number or had been so busy trying to remember it, that I had forgotten what I was there for!  Actually, that's quite comforting - that means that my memory was bad then, and its not just an age thing!!!!  Yea!!!

If any of you remember that far back, you may remember the little rectangular receipt you got at the co-op - on very thin paper - usually yellow, pink or blue.  The shop lady had a big book of these with carbon paper and another page underneath.  I remember really wanting to work in a shop and have a book like that when I grew up!

I did eventually have a Saturday job in a shop and we did have receipts books with carbon paper!  I loved that job and one of the other Saturday girls is still a great friend today!  Funny how things work out!

Love, Liz


Scarlett said...

Great memories, I used to be fascinated by those carbon copy papers too! Scarlett x

Jem said...

Ohh don't get me started on receipt books - I worked in a card and chocolate shop and we'd occasionally have to take payments for truffles people had ordered as wedding favours or wedding stationery and we wrote out an itemised receipt in the receipt book. Hands down my favourite little task I ever got to do there :-)

Your stamp book is in amazing condition!

Jem xXx

Linda said...

Jem, When I was growing up (in the USA) we had S&H Green Stamps. Thank you ... I'd forgotten all about them!
Thank you for stopping in to visit me for teatime Tuesday ... I appreciate your sweet comments.
I lived in Belgium (30 yrs ago) and to my dismay, never got to visit Scotland. Maybe one day. It is breath taking! Lucky you!
Blessings, L

A Treasured Past said...

Oh wow, how cool. Bit before my time though, Tam x

Vintage Sunday said...

Oh what a lovely snippet of history! I am very much the same with numbers (and just about anything for that matter!) ~ having to recite them over and over in my head (and out loud), then finally, like you, forgetting them at the last minute! My children often laugh at this peculiarity in me ~ but then, maybe I'm not so peculiar after all! Love Brenda

VintageVicki said...

I remember those quite clearly - we had a co-op in town AND an International stores and they gave you Green Shield stamps. One of my favourite jobs was to help my Mum & Grandma put the right stamps in the right book.

We still have a co-op in town and now we just hand over our share cards - not quite the same but the reward each year is rather lovely :)

The Charm of Home said...

Hi Liz,
I remember stamps like this in the states. When I was 20 I saved up for an ironing board with them. Thanks for coming by and your sweet comment.

Nelly said...

Hi Liz its me Nelly yay I can copmment at last.Have a new PC and your page works well on this one.Now I have to go catch up with all your last few posts.xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Oh, yes, I remember those - the Divi book? The fore-runner of Loyalty cards I guess. Have a good weekend. Abby x

Rebecca said...

I live in the US, but we had these kinds of stamps too. I use to stick the stamps in my Mom's books for her. I loved doing that! I remember one time she bought me a dollhouse with several books of stamps. Thanks for the memory. I love your blog!!!

Back Porch Blessings,

flowers on my table said...

Oh yes I remember Co-Op stamps and green sheild funny I had forgotten all about them. Love Linda x

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Seem to have brought back a few memories here! Thanks for all your lovely comments.
Liz xx

Mrs. H said...

Sadly for me I do remember co-op stamps!
: )