Friday 3 June 2011

Granny's Display Cabinet

This is my lovely Gran beside her display cabinet which was her pride and joy.  Every now and then (if I was really good), I got to open it, empty it out and dust everything in it.  This took me ages, I was so careful not to break anything!  Perhaps this is where I got my love of old bits and pieces of china.

wish there wasn't any reflection and I could see everything again
The next picture shows my brother and I with my Gran.  Yes, for those of you with good memories, this is the same brother who broke Pauline's arm (its OK, Pauline was a doll - read the sorry saga here)!  This photo was taken in the early 60s - look at that wallpaper!

Anyway, I digress!  A few weeks ago I was rummaging in one of those charity shops which sells furniture, when I came across a lovely little cabinet which reminded me of  the one my Gran used to have.

I dithered and pondered - too long - it was gone next time I looked!  A week later the same one turned up in a different charity shop, very reasonably priced - how did that happen?!  So I dithered some more!

Argument with self -  
I could do it up.
I didn't need more furniture.
It would be beautiful if I painted it white.
Where on earth would I put it?
I could store all my china in it - all in the one place.
I don't need more furniture - I should be downsizing.

That very same day I visited the lovely Sophie's blog - Fading Grace - and guess what, she had just done a lovely make-over on a wee cabinet very similar to the one I had been looking at!

So, that was my mind made up!  Next day I bought the little cabinet, and now its all mine!!!!  Its a bit tattered and has seen better days, but come back in a few days and see what I've done with it! 
Thanks Sophie!

Love, Liz


Scarlett said...

I saw a cabinet the same as this in a CS here last week! Spooky! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it :o) Scarlett x

Unknown said...

Thanks Liz, I'm so chuffed!! I tried to leave you a message earlier but blogger wouldn't let me.... I have passed on a versatile blogger award to you if you would like it???!! Thank you for the lovely mention. And what a lovely cupboard xx

flowers on my table said...

You were definitely meant for that cabinet Liz.Looking forward to seeing what magic you weave on it. Thankyou so much for your kind comments, I will do my best to behave, but I am not a good patient. Have a great weekend, hope the weather is lovely with you too. Love Linda x

Vintage Sunday said...

Dear Liz ~ as soon as I saw the first photo of your dear Gran with that beautiful cabinet, I also thought immediately of Sophie's cabinet ~ just so similar! What a treasure indeed, and I can't wait to see what you've done with it! The sweet photo of you and your brother with your Gran is just so adorable! Your Gran looks like a very sweet lady. Love Brenda

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Liz, the moment I saw it it reminded me of Sophie's little beauty. I am so glad that it was then when you went back, and that it will be a special reminder of your Grans cabinet.

Talking of cabinets, Master 9 placed a tiny magnet in our lock of our on Thursday, hence to say I was not very happy as it would not open. After 1/2 an hour of fiddling I seem to have fixed it, but now can't remove the key in case the magnet falls back into place and jams it again.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and I am looking forward to seeing your makeover, Tam x

Kylie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the cabinet's make-over too Liz. I love your Gran's wallpaper btw.
You were a very cute little girl and your brother looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

sandhiya said...

Hey, what a great looking Food display cabinet. Glad the challenge worked out ok for you!

Food Display Cabinets

Jane said...

I was amazed to see that this cabinet is almost identical to the one my great-aunts had in Ardgowan Square in Greenock! I loved all the things inside too and when I was older I bought a few bits of china as gifts for my aunts to go inside. One piece - a swallow in flight on a little plinth - took pride of place at the very front for years!