Friday 8 July 2011

Fly the Flag!

I always knew that when ships fly certain flags they are sending messages to other ships, I didn't realise what it all meant.

But now, due to my spiffing new tea towel, I can read what ships are saying to each other!  Isn't it amazing what you can learn from tea towels?!

So, at the moment, if I was a ship, I would be flying a yellow and blue flag which means "I wish to communicate with you".

After my strawberries and cream yesterday, I should have flown a white flag with a wee blue rectangle - "My engines are going astern"! 

Tonight after a few glasses of wine - "Keep clear of me - I am manoeuvring with difficulty"!!!!  This has opened a whole new world of communication!
Although some do seem a bit strange!  Perhaps I should just stick to the skull and cross bones!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Liz


A Treasured Past said...

Thanks for the good laugh, they could be used for so many situations. I hope you use more in the coming posts, hehe

Pene said...

So your going to spend the next few days reading the flags at the tall ships?? Is there one that says help I've run aground? Lol they needed that, anyway hopefully the weather will stay bright for he weekend and we can all enjoy the festivaties..

sara said...

Hi Liz,

love your vintage blog, thanks for visiting mine, that teatowel is amazing.

lily x

Used-to-Bees said...

The yellow and blue stripey one next to the G could be useful for air stewardesses (are they still called that?) hoping to find a rich husband, and the blue and white horizontal stripey one to the left of W could be useful after a hot curry!

Jem said...

The skull and crossbones - a classic! ;-)

Fun tea towel though 'I am on fire and have dangerous cargo aboard' is my favourite!

Jem xXx

Kandi said...

I do love this tea towel it's great! You wouldn't think they would need a flag for keep well clear I'm on fire! :0)
Is this thrifted or new, I would love one.
Kandi xx

Scarlett said...

lol - so loving this tea towel - its amazing what we can learn from the humble tt :o) Scarlett x