Tuesday 26 July 2011

Greenock - My Town

I think I must walk around my home town with blinkers on!  I only recently noticed these interesting pieces of art on buildings which I pass a couple of times a week!
 How could I not have noticed them before?  So, I got my trusty camera out, and feeling a bit like a tourist, took some snaps to share with you.  All these photographs were taken in Cathcart Square in Greenock. 

These lovely ladies are on either side of the carriage entryway to the town hall.

These decorate another entry to the town buildings.

These are above windows on a former bank building in the square.  Obviously they celebrate Greenock's great maritime past.

Now for some things I had actually noticed!  This is the Lyle Fountain.  One of Greenock's main industries was sugar refining (you may remember from another post about the ruined sugar refinery).  Abram Lyle was born in Greenock and provost from 1876-1879.  His company was joined with that of Henry Tate & Sons in 1921 to form Tate & Lyle, which still operates today, although not in Greenock.

This is the Victoria Tower, it was completed in 1886 and is part of our municipal buildings. 

I hope you've enjoyed this wee look at my home town.

Love, Liz


Rachael said...

I love looking up at buildings, you see so much about a town/citie history though it!

A Treasured Past said...

Spectacular! Thanks for sharing your home town.

Nelly said...

Awesome carvings Isnt it weird when you dont notice something thats been there for years then suddenly you see it and wonder how long its been there? lol

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes we see, but we don't see, As I'm getting older I try to look up a bit more!! What a fascinating place to live.
Sophie xx

Kylie said...

Bet I know which one you like best Liz!

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Thanks for comments. Kylie - am I so transparent? Of courtse it is the ship!:)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Such beautiful architecture!!

Jane said...

Wonderful buildings and sculptures, I love Greenock (such happy memories there for me too!!)

Bizziefingers said...

Love your photos Liz. What makes me sad is the fact that as the town was was brought into the modern age so many monuments and things of the past have been removed from the town. I feel they should a ll be brought out of the dark for all to see and admire.