Saturday 30 July 2011

Lovely Sunshine!

It's so warm here today, but I feel absolutely drained!  I have no energy!  Its not often we get a few days in a row of really sunny weather - just not used to it!  I'll apologise in advance - photos have nothing to do with post - they are of a dockside crane and I just fancied putting them in!

Overheard in a charity shop - sorry Scarlett (check out her blog for some great "overheards"!), its not often I hear anything worth reporting, but this was a classic! 

I think we've all noticed that charity shop prices seem to be on the rise - this woman was most put out!

I was just minding my own business when I overheard the woman, who was looking at the textiles rack, tut and mutter -
"£15 for wan curtain - that's £30 a pair - ridiculous, could buy new for cheaper!" 
I made the mistake of smiling in agreement with her, which prompted further revelations - it doesn't take much for Greenock folk to "share" with strangers! 
She indicated the skirt she  was wearing - emerald green in some sort of clingy material, and she wasn't a slim chick!
"Ah sweat a lot in this weather, so ah got this skirt in here yesterday, cost £4!  Then ah went tae Primark an' got wan fur £3 - brand new!  These places are gettin' terrible wi thur prices!"
What could I say - so true, I had to agree, but the sweaty bit was far too much information!
I promptly left (empty handed) before I was the recipient of any other personal information she might wish to share with me!
(Hope you understood the Scottish accent!)

Anyway, off to do housework  (if I can find the energy) - elder son and daughter in law arrive tomorrow for a week - so looking forward to seeing them!

Have a great weekend.

Love, Liz


Jem said...

I've got to say the price rises seem to be a hot topic here in the Peaks too!!

I love that you wrote her in an accent!! Priceless!!

Jem xXx

GardenOfDaisies said...

The Scottish accent came through loud and clear! LOL!!

sara said...

Isn't funny how some strangers will start talking to you and almost tell you their whole life story........I'm ok with that unless they stray into the realm of their medical history.

Hope you regain your energy levels soon.

lily x

fabriquefantastique said...

or is it that places like primark are just getting cheaper.

Catherine said...

Mmm the sweating a lot bit was pretty close to medical history! Thanks so much for sharing your "overheard"..even better with the accent. Just shared it with Rob so that he could read it to me..he's great at "voices". very funny! lovely to see you at my place..thanks for the comment.

The Charm of Home said...

HAhahaha! Liz,
I see you love the Outlander series! I too have read them all more than once. I often remember that Clarie describes Jamie as speaking in a much heavier Scottish accent when he was with emotion on a subject. You just did that perfectly with this post. It was so funny. I just love that book series. My Grandpa was a McKenzie, so I am very fond of Jamie!;)

Little Nell said...

Despite what is often said about women and talking, I find it’s the men who don’t know when to stop. Very needy probably.