Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Strange Creatures!

Standing at the sink, doing the dishes I was aware that I was being watched!

This is actually a bud on my orchid plant, but I think it looks like a snake or lizard head!  It even looks like it has eyes - very strange!

Its great having my family here, even if it is only for a few days.  I will catch up with blogging very soon!  We went for a drive up to Loch Lomond on Monday evening and just about got eaten alive by these pesky little beggars - midges!

Still, can't have everything - the scenery was lovely, but this was my only photo!
Never mind - next time!

Love, Liz


Mum said...

How funny - I've just been blogging about a strange creature today aswell. Your creature looks so young and innocent, mine was old and wizened.
Love from Mum

Unknown said...

I quite like your creature.....looks friendly!!

claire said...

i was looking at that first picture for ages thinking...what is it!? haha


Even I thought its a lizard head when I first saw it!!

Little Nell said...

That is decidedly eerie!

21 Wits said...

But he looks so darling, doesn't least for now until it blooms than it might not be so cute, just a lovely flower!

Rachel said...

Creepy! I'm a bit of a silly wuss about things like this...I think I'd have to turn the orchid around so I wasn't being watched!x