Friday, 19 August 2011

Street Scenes

I've been on a little trip!  I'll give you some clues as to where I was -

Can you guess yet?

Am I making it too easy for you?

That's right ... I was in Glasgow today!

Pardon, I hear you say ....... but what about all those US road signs and emergency vehicles?

Well, they are filming a zombie movie with Brad Pitt in Glasgow at George Square so, since I had a bit of shopping to do in Glasgow today, I decided to have a wee look and see what all the fuss was about.

Large vans and various bits of equipment everywhere.  It was quite interesting, actually!

Don't think Mr Gladstone was impressed!

Oh, well, another typical Glasgow street scene - the police van after chucking out time!  Oops .......... no ..........sorry -  its those pesky zombies!!!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Love, Liz


Jem said...

Zombies AND Brad Pitt in one film?! Sounds like a winner to me!! :-)

Jem xXx

Little Nell said...

Very clever to capture that Liz - had us all guessing there!

Me and Tilly Too said...

Was he there? Did you see him?!!!! Lesley x

A Treasured Past said...

How exciting..The Mr LOVES zombies, he will be the first inline at the movies. Thanks for the behind the scene tour. Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Sorry, folks - didn't manage to get a glimpse of Brad! Doubt he'd want to chat with a wee Scottish wifey - not when there are plenty of zombies about!!!