Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Big Ships

The Cunard ship "Queen Elizabeth" called in at Greenock today.  Got up early to get some photographs. 

She was led upriver by a fire-tug.  Made a great display!

She "reversed" into port. (Don't know what the nautical term for that is!)  Very square back end!  She's 964.5' long and has accommodation for 2,068 passengers.  There are 996 crew! 

Can you spot any passengers?
Think I prefer the old QE2 - she seemed more elegant!

This huge cargo ship went up the Clyde to Glasgow a few weeks ago.

Accompanied by two tugs!

Hope you enjoyed these ship pics!

Love, Liz


sara said... may laugh, but I've never seen a huge ship before, how lucky are you to be able to watch the ships go by........great pictures.

lily x

Unknown said...

Lovely pics Liz, your lucky to live where you do, an ever changing landscape! xx

Karen S Booth said...

Wow, what a size that ship lovely to capture photos too. I did not realise she was such a sky scraper!
VERY interesting!

21 Wits said...

Wow beautiful! All those windows gives you an impression of a floating hotel! Well in a way it is...but what an adventure to go on!

Jem said...

Blimey - she's gigantic!! Very boxy back end too, I agree!! Yep, I'm afraid I much prefer the old QE2 - quite a sight though, I wouldn't fancy steering that much ship!

Jem xXx

Little Nell said...

Great pictures as ususal Liz, and a winning subject for me.

Mum said...

It's a huge floating hotel isn't it. I think the old QE2 was much more elegant.
Love from Mum

Pene said...

She looks really tall above waterlevel, sort of top heavy? Strange looking not elegant at all like the old QEII!!

Rachael said...

Wow and I use to think the ferries to France where big but that ship looks huge!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

That's one serious ship - like a block of flats on the water! I'd love to see what an old time mariner from a Golden Hind type boat would make of it.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love the elegance of the old cruise ships. Some of the modern ones really do look very different.