Monday, 19 September 2011

An Even Bigger Ship!

The Queen Mary 2 arrived in Greenock last Friday.

She is the biggest passenger liner in the world and is 1,132 ft in length (the Queen Elizabeth is 964.5ft)!  She can accommodate 2,620 passengers and has a crew of 1,253.

There's always a bit of excitement about the town when one of the great liners arrives.

As she left there was a wonderful fireworks show.

Cunard have a great website and, even if you are like me and know that you will never be able to afford to go on a cruise on one of these ships, it is quite interesting to see what it is like on board!  There are even live web cams on the ships' bridges (QM2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria) which let you see where the ships are at any time - worth a wee look!

Won't bore you with any more ships for a while!

Love, Liz


BusyLizzie said...

Those are fab pics of amazing ships. We used to live in Helensburgh many years ago.. but never saw anything like that (apart from the submarines which are very impressive!) Lizzie

lost property vintage said...

My mum is slightly addicted to cruises, and is constantly checking the web cams to see what is happening. Most of the time they are at sea or in an ugly dock - but she keeps checking!

Scarlett said...

Wonderful, great photos. Last time i went to Ikea in southampton I saw a huge cruise liner and so had to go to the top floor of the carpark so I could get a look at it and watch it leaving, hubby thought i was a but mad ;o) Scarlett x