Tuesday 20 September 2011

Remember 19 Magazine?

Do any of you remember 19 Magazine from the 70s?

I found an old copy from October 1973 and spend ages reading through it - what a nostalgia-fest!

Loving those "trendy trousers"!
Look at some of the prices!

I actually had this jacket in cream - it was so warm and cosy, I kept it for years!

Had this hairdryer too!  I remember in the days before we had central heating I used to put the hairdryer on and put the hose under the covers of my bed to heat it up!  My mother would have had a fit if she had known!!!!!! 

Great frilly apron!
Something for you Pyrex girls!

Great illustrations.

Wonder what I did with the free animal buttons ...?
As you can see from the cover there was a special Biba fashion article, but I'll post those pics tomorrow - they are incredible!

Love, Liz


Missy said...

I remember 19! And 21!
I have always been a magazine freak and remember buying those two.
I would have only been 12 when that issue came out so I probably came to it a bit later. Was still reading Jackie then!

gillyflower said...

Wow! I rmemeber them but not well as i was still in my early teens like Missy above - but i do remember that brown and sludgy colours were the thing!
And i had a short furry jacket in dark blue which i thought was the bees knees!
Gill xx

Vintage Jane said...

I remember some of the later issues of 19 - used to buy it fairly regularly. Don't remember them from the 70's though - I was only 7 in '73! I once remember trying to iron a dress with my hairdryer, when I couldn't be bothered to get the iron and board out! M x

The Vintage Knitter said...

What a great find and I'm looking forward to that Biba special!

Tabbyroo said...

I do remember 19, but I was regular reader of Jackie and Pink. Looking forward to the Biba pics Linda x

Little Nell said...

Just think, those models are probably grannies now!

claire said...

oh wow..i often think i should save magazines to look at in the future...they just take up too much space!

Max said...

How cool! I dont remember 19, I'm a bit too young (but opnly a bit!) but I totally love finding vintage fashiony mags. I loved that furry coat at centre, and I cant wait to see the biba. When I was 19 I found a biba dress in a charity shop. It had the famous biba print on it and I wore it quite a bit before I mislaid it somewhere. Its only now I think ARGGGGHH how could I loose it?!!! (not that I'd fit it anymore!!!)

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Oh dear - you all make me feel so old! I was just a young teenager when I got this magazine, honest!