Friday, 27 January 2012

Dogs and Props and Knitting Patterns

Isn't this vintage knitting pattern cute?  Love the little toy dog.  

I'm sure Vintage Jane would have a lovely little story to tell about him.

It would seem that knitting patterns for men's jumpers and cardies had to involve a manly prop of some description!

A pipe ... or

secateurs ...

or golf clubs ...  or

a brightly patterned scarf?????? 

Poor wee soul, look at his face!
Have a great weekend.

Love, Liz
But, if all else failed, then sports equipment was the answer ... surly child optional!


Paulette said...

Such a cute post, I will never look at patterns for gentlemen's sweaters without checking out the models!

Emma/The Log Cabin said...

The little people look really cute, not sure about the bigger people! Have a great weekend xxx

Rachael said...

My mum has quite a few vintage knitting patterns, love flicking through them. How stylish do those gentlemen look?!

Ruth Kelly said...

The scarf on the man reminds me of the hippie age.

serendipity said...

Hello Liz. Thanks for finding my blog. I've been looking at the posts about Gourock as my husband hails from there! (he left when he was about 10). I love those old cardigan patterns. My Mum and Nan were always knitting them for my Dad in the 60's and 70's! xx

June said...

I learnt to walk with an exact copy of that baby walker! Love the props with the woolly cardies!

The Green Lady said...

Hilarious Liz. I love these old patterns.

Jelly Jam said...

5116 made me smile!
Why do the models always gaze upwards slightly to one side?

Bee happy said...

I'm sure I recognise some of these patterns, my mum was always knitting us things and had loads of patterns :) have a great weekend sweetie

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Riitta Sinikka said...

Hello! Such a lovely post! I love! Have a nice day!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love the adorable little toy dog!!!

blackenpot said...

Hi, I'm net really a knitter myself, but I loves these vintage photos.

And the dog is just lovely.

Enjoy your sunday.

flowers on my table said...

Hi Liz, I love these old knitting patterns, they are so funny. I had a good laugh at the scarf! Love Linda x

Vintage Jane said...

Hi Liz - Just doing a bit of blog catching up in my lunch hour. These patterns caught my eye and then I saw my name! Thanks for that. I do believe I have met the young dog in question (a distant relation of Wilbur called Angus, who had family connections with a Harris Tweed Mill of the Isle of Lewis).
Love the guy in the green cardi with rather fetching silk scarf!
M x