Tuesday 14 February 2012

Patchwork Lamp

I love this transformation - what used to be a boring, ordinary standard lamp has now become (in my opinion) something a wee bit different and special.

I've had the lamp for ages and only use it in winter, when it sits behind my sofa and gives me a bit more light for my knitting.  It was dark wood which did not fit in with the rest of my room, so I decided to give it a coat of white paint.

Once I had done that, I then thought it looked a bit boring, so,
(a)      remembering something I had seen in an arty-farty designer shop which cost an absolute fortune!
(b)      wanting to try my hand at patchwork

Tra la ......

Fortunately the lamp had a cylindrical, drum shaped shade which I measured (note to self - make paper template next time!).  Then I chose my fabrics - nice light ones, and decided on what size I wanted the patches to be.  Then I sewed them up ... quite a steep learning curve as I hadn't attempted patchwork before!

I checked my sizes all the time - using paperclips (!) to hold fabric to shade (note to self - take shade off lamp next time!!!!!!!!).

Joined ends together with some ribbon so that it can be easily removed when lamp is in a different room.  Really it is just a patchwork rectangle!

Love the look of the lamp in the evening when it is lit, although a pure white shade would show it off more.  Will look out for a cheap one!

Hope you like it.

Love, Liz

Safety - because this is just surrounding the shade and not going anywhere near the light bulb it does not get hot, it is protected by the actual lampshade.  Please check out what sort of heat resistant materials should be used if you were to make a proper shade from patchwork!


Hello Vintage said...

Lovely colours. Really like the first pic. Sherry :)

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely, well done.

Kylie said...

Your opinion is justified Liz, your lamp looks lovely. You did an amazing job especially considering it was your first attempt at patchwork. Wow!
Love the little safety tip too. Sweet and thoughtful x

Jelly Jam said...

Wow it looks great! Well done.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Liz, this is utterly brilliant. It looks gorgeous and I love the way that it's removable too. xx

Scarlett said...

This is beautiful, what a fabulous make over :o) Scarlett x

sara said...

I love this Liz, your patchwork skills are brilliant, it looks very pretty when lit.
lily x

gillyflower said...

I love it Liz! And what a brilliant first try at patchwork - one would have thought you've done it before, it's so neat.
I want to make a lampshade like that now! I painted my dark wood standard lamp Annie Sloan turquoise which I love, and the lampshade although it matches colourwise, has never looked right with it.

Happy Valentines Day!
Gill xx

Used-to-Bees said...

That is sweet, and well done for patchworking it yourself. Nothing like having seen something exorbitant in a shop and then pulling off a make yourself!

Rachael said...

Love what you've done and it looks great!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It looks lovely Liz, really fits in with the rest of your decor now. Quick - make some more and charge a fortune for them!

Mum said...

I can see a patchwork quilt coming next! The lampshade and base look great.
Love from Mum

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh yes, it is so special now! Just beautiful!!

June said...

Love the lamp makeover!

Ruth Kelly said...

Good job on the lamp. You're it. You've been tagged. Visit my blog today for the rules. If it's too much, don't feel obligated but it is just a bit of fun.


PS. Happy Valentines Day

Danielle's Heartfelt Home said...

Hi Liz,

I love this lamp! I have a patchwork quilt on my bed and I'm thinking how nice this would look in my bedroom. Great job : )

Danielle xo

Jodi said...

it's gorgeous! and I love the mirror hanging behind it - swoon! x

lavender attic said...

Oooh I love that lamp and it looks perfect in that beautiful corner of your home. Have also read your post about Harrogate and Skipton, bet you had a lovely time x

Tea at Weasel's said...

Utterly GORGEOUS!!! I love patchwork and always find lamps in the shops so un-inspiring.... what a fantastic result.

Louise xx

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

What a GORGEOUS transformation....CLEVER you.... :o) !!!!!

Jacqui Wise said...

You've inspired me to try this myself. I also have a floor lamp that I painted white earlier this year and I've been planning to make a new lampshade for it but haven't got around to it yet.