Monday, 3 September 2012

"The World's First Picture Encyclopedia" (or so it says!)

I was having a look through the vintage "I See All PictureEncyclopedia" I got a while ago and came across some more interesting pictures to share with you.

I love this one of the Chelsea Pensioner and Girl Guide.

Wondered what it said about the Scots!

Don't you think that this guy looks like he's enjoying this a bit too much?!

Love these gilded carriages.

Er ... strange name!

Love, Liz
Greetings from Greenock


June said...

Interesting bird name!

Rachael said...

Haha I love the page wiki sends you to if you stick that birds name in. I wonder if they still exist - I might have to go and try and spot one if they do!

Leah said...

Hi hon, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. It wonderful to have found your beautiful blog and I'm having a fabulous time looking through your posts. I lived in Scotland years ago both in Maybole and Edinburgh and I miss it terribly. I still have lots of family in Maybole and hope to visit sometime soon so I can show my family all the things that were so special to me.

Have a fabulous week hon. See you again soon!

Ruth Kelly said...

I think everyone just calls them heron and forgets the real name.

Ava said...

Liz, this brings back so many happy memories for me. As children, we used to spend hours reading my Grandmothers encyclopaedias . I hadn't thought about that in years xx

Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

the bird is too funny! i prolly wouldnt be able to tell if its a heron, a crane or a shitepoke LOL and its scary if someone i know owns a trephine!

claire said...

oh i'm no good with birds names! they are just all little feathered things! haha!!

Elise N Black said...

The fellow with the "Trephine", lovely invention, looks a bit on the odd side. I can just see him, the hair which now is neatly combed, becomes wild and sticking up and out all over as he is wielding his instrument in the operating theater!

gillyflower said...

What amazing and varied images you found!!! I agree with you re: the scary drilling man!!!!
Have a great day Liz!
Gill xx

Perfectly Printed said...

Love the graphics!! I am a new follower just found your blog!!
Best, chris