Tuesday 3 June 2014


Two wee old ladies were in the charity shop today and I couldn't help overhearing their conversation -

"Funny weather the noo, in't it?"
"Aye, but it wis lovely on Seturday."
"Aye, the folks in the hoose behind me hud a barbeque, they wur huving a rare time."
"That's nice."
"Aye, made me feel right lonely, though."

I felt terrible for the wee lady who said this.  How sad that she felt lonely watching others having a good time.  There's been a lot in the news recently about loneliness in old age contributing to ill health.  These days with so many families living far apart it is easy to forget that older people, who perhaps can't get out as much as they would like, often lead very solitary lives.  There may not be much we can do, but a smile and a cheery hello might just brighten up someone's day.

Love, Liz


Paulette said...

What a wonderful reminder for all of us. I am going to start making more of an effort to smile and say good morning to people. Thanks for this post.

Robyn of Oz said...

It is sad Liz. Wise words though. A smile isn't too much to ask. They are so inexpensive and make the giver and receiver feel a lot better. :)

susan said...

We had an elderly neighbour we included in our parties etc, which was lovely because she was lovely.....but when the dementia started she made the difficult part of my last pregnancy a nightmare (baby now 17).
That and the elderly care of a difficult and childless uncle has made me wary and unable to contemplate a job in the various care homes in our vicinity which is the only work available. (I also took care of both parents too).
That being said I belong to a knit and natter club and the older ladies are a joy (and a giggle).
It is a shame we (as a nation) do not cherish our elderly.
Susan x

RedSetter said...

What a poignant thing to overhear.

Daisy Debs said...

A very touching post and such a sad picture too .
Now, we must all try harder to " do as we would be done by " .
Hugs from me x

Linda said...

How sad! So often we get all wrapped up in our own lives we forget to think of others. As you say a cheery hello will go a long way, thanks for the reminder. Linda xx

sky-blu-pink said...

So true, sadly. It will come to us all eventually, so I agree, if we are kind now, we hope others will be kind to us when the time comes.

Amy at love made my home said...

This is indeed very sad, but a very good reminder from you! Whenever I go out for a walk I always say good morning/afternoon and so on as I walk past someone and rarely if ever does anyone say it to me first or reply, that is such a shame I think. xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

So true Liz. I think communities have become so insular, most people don't even know their neighbours around here. Xx

jenann said...

I love the way the elderly round here are still community leaders. Want a party? Ask an over 75 to help and she'll get her friends in to organize it.
Then, of course, all ages party together here and, if you see a barbeque going on you can just drop by - if there's not enough food, you'll still get a cuppa! There is no way anybody, old, young, incomer, long-term resident or holiday maker would be made to feel unwelcome.
There really is still a welcome waiting in rural Wales.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for older people ,seniors and the elderly.
Now I am a senior however still friends with a 99 year old man and 100 year old lady ,I try to see him twice a week since his family is all in other countries.

I even get lonesome that is why I blog

Unknown said...

I loved this post. I got chatting to an elderly lady yesterday who I see regularly but have never spoken to as she doesn't do eye contact! It was a 2 minute chat but it was so nice to make contact and I'll make a real effort to engage with her again as she was lovely and very keen to chat once we got going.

I just think, you know, I'm going to be old one day, and I really really hope that people won't forget I'm there. Loneliness and isolation is a terrible thing.

Thank you for this post x

Little Nell said...

That would stop me in my tracks too. You’re so right just a word or two is often enough to break the monotony.