Thursday, 7 May 2015

Waist Training - Nothing New!

All this waist training palaver is nothing new!

Back in the 1880s and later, women were given dire warnings about the dangers of tight corsets!

Magazines printed diagrams of how internal organs were squashed out of place by continuous tight lacing.  Wasp waists may have been the style, but getting one could be torture!  The dangers to reproductive health were also emphasised - in a very round about way, of course.

However, fashion was everything - just like today!

Love, Liz


Vix said...

No wonder the Victorian ladies suffered with "The Vapours", poor things!
Did you see the BBC4 series, Hidden Killers last year? It was all about how we suffered for fashion - arsenic in our face creams, celluloid boning in corsets that caught fire. What a terrifying era! xxx

Unknown said...

While I think corsets can be pretty, I would never wear one. I can't even stand a tight waistband! :)

Curtise said...

Can you imagine how uncomfortable they were to wear? I'll just stick with big knickers and hope for the best! xxx

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Horrifying what women did and still do. xoxo Su