Monday, 2 November 2015

Hallway Transformation

You know how it is when you are about to have visitors - you take a look around the house and one particular spot really stands out as needing a quick make-over.  That's what I thought about a neglected corner of my home.

We live in a first floor flat and the stairwell from the main door had been sadly neglected!  Hardly the most attractive of welcomes for visitors.  I had a couple of plants out there which seemed to be doing well.  But that was about it!

So drab and uninteresting!

Anyway - I got some herbs in pots, added a little plant stand and a mirror which I found at the back of a cupboard and now I think it looks quite attractive.  Added some battery operated fairy lights and remote controlled battery operated candles - such a difference!

A much nicer welcome for my visitors don't you think?  My wax flower plant was magnificent this year.

Hope you like my makeover!
Love, Liz


Unknown said...

It does look very pretty now, well done! :)

cristina said...

your wax flower plant is amazing!

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Designers always say that the entry is the most important place in your home - first impressions. This looks lovely! I must do something about mine ..... x

Mac n' Janet said...

How pretty, I've never heard of a wax flower plant, I really like it.

**Anne** said...

Your makeover is gorgeous!!
Anne xx

Evangelines Jumble of ideas said...

Looks beautiful, well done you. Eve :)

myshabbychicvintagefrugallife said...

Wow that waxed flower plant is Beautiful xxx

Lilly's Mom said...

It does look very lovely and inviting. I love your wax flower plant. I used to have one years ago and I forgot how beautiful they bloom. My best to you.