Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Vintage Roman Ladybirds

I was rearranging my Ladybird books recently and noticed that I had a "double" about Julius Caesar and Roman Britain.

Printed a couple of decades apart, it is interesting to see the different covers and the fonts used.

The first one is an early one with a paper dust jacket, the second one is from the 70s.

As usual with Ladybird Books, the illustrations are fabulous.

Love, Liz


kate steeper said...

I remember the days when I picked these up for pennies , now they're locked in a cabinet in the charity

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

These books take me right back to my youth. I cannot believe that a kindle (useful tool though it may be) will ever be able to do that for anyone. I like seeing different editions of books.

galant said...

There is an excellent book about Ladybird books: The Ladybird Story by Lorraine Johnson and Brian Alderson published by The British Library. For anyone who collects Ladybird books, this would make a very good asset to their library. I love Ladybird books but have only a small collection. However, that collection has some of my favourites, particularly the What to Look for in Spring ... Summer ... Autumn (and) ... Winter. I love the Winter book particularly, the illustrations of the frozen lake and the herons is particularly evocative, as is the illustration of a pink winter sky at dusk. I also like any of their books which are about social history, houses and castles and costume, and so forth.
For those who like Ladybird books, particularly for their illustrations, they might also like the books of John S Goodall, who was an artist/illustrator and his books are without words and usually set in Victorian or Edwardian England.
The early Ladybird books from the 1950s and early 1960s are easily some of the best, particularly the bird and nature books with their gorgeous illustrations.
Margaret P

Diane said...

I've found a local bookshop that has Ladybird books for 50p - I have ammassed a few, but now don't know what to do with them! I love the illustrations though xxx