Wednesday 14 September 2016

No bigger than a powder-puff!

I came across this old Bestway knitting and crochet leaflet (603).  It has some quaint little bits and pieces to knit and crochet.

How about a bag to save on those 5p plastic ones?

Or some covers for coat hangers - great idea - love the little posies.

Wonder when this pattern dates from.  Does anyone out there have any idea?

Love, Liz


The Vintage Knitter said...

What a lovely pattern. It reckon its from the 1940s especially if its as small as it looks, as patterns were printed smaller sized due to paper shortage. The bag pattern is still relevant today and you could make some in really bright colours - happy knitting!

mamasmercantile said...

The vintage pattern lady on google suggests 1940 it certainly looks like that would be about right. Great pattern.

Julie said...

Lovely pattern, I have made some of the covered coat hangers for Christmas goodies at a local fayre, they sold very well.

Frances said...

Liz, I am also guessing the late 1940s. As I get older and the decades roll past, I look at some of my own treasured knitting books and magazines and think they might be one the outskirts or even over the border to retro, or vintage. Treasures are what I call them. xo

lovelygrey said...

I use bags like that myself. I didn't know that you could knit your own! x