Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Grannies and nostalgia

I suppose it is the time of year for remembering.  Thoughts turn to times past, big family get-togethers and happy childhood Christmas fun.  I've been thinking about these women often over the last few days.

My Mother and her mother, my lovely Granny - obviously on a sunny day out.

My Mother and her mother in law, my other Granny.

Happy memories and sad memories - treasured forever.  Do you get all nostalgic at this time of year?

Love, Liz


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I get very nostalgic this time of year. Many of my Christmas treasures evoke memories of my Mom and Grandmother. And even though I love Christmas, it will never be the same anticipation as it was when my Mom was still living. But I know I was blessed with those wonderful memories

Julie said...

I'm so pleased santa brought your much wanted gift.
Sad anniversaries for me this time of year, so yes, I get very nostalgic for people and times past. Lovely photographs you have shared.
Happy New Year!

Polyester Princess said...

Hello Liz, I've just discovered your blog via Fiona's. Always happy to meet another vintage and charity shop rummaging lover. Loved the nostalgic family photos. I've just lost my dad (who was mad about Scotland, by the way) last August, and this was the first Christmas without him, so I've been feeling a bit nostalgic too. xxx