Saturday 4 February 2017

It's the Polis!

Got another fabulous vintage Ladybird Book from my collection to show you today.  It is The Policeman from 1962 and how much of a different world does this show!  Look at those old traffic signs in the background.

Personally I think these uniforms are so much smarter, but where on earth would the modern police officer keep all their kit?

The book comes from Ladybird's Easy Reading, People at Work Series by L & J Havenhand with illustrations by John Berry.  Published by Wills & Hepworth Ltd, Loughborough, England in 1962.

Traffic duty wearing a white coat - the neon of the day!

Hope you've enjoyed this wee trip back to the 60s.

Love, Liz


Mac n' Janet said...

Nice little book. I got my husband one of the Ladybird books for adults for Christmas, The Shed. It was quite amusing.

Terra said...

I love that first illustration in this post of the policeman on a bicycle.

mamasmercantile said...

What a delight, you certainly have a wonderful collection of these books.

Polyester Princess said...

It really was a different world. Sometimes, I'd like to have a time machine to go back there for a day! xxx

Julie said...

We saw a policeman the other day and he added a good 10" round his waist with all the gubbins that he was carrying, DH commented that it would hinder his progress if he had to run after a suspect!

Vesna Armstrong said...

Lovely little vintage book, enjoyed your post. x

flowers on my table said...

Great stuff Liz!


Oh that illustration of the police and bike it's adorable ! What a cute book it is.
Vintage books are the cutest and the illustrations are the best. They bring me memories of my childhood.

Jane said...

Those lovely Ladybird books were my favourite at school. I mostly enjoyed looking at the beautiful illustrations. I was a slow learner back then and I was stuck on Janet and John books until I was 9! I can even remember crying at the teachers desk one day as she was spelling out a word 'j.u.g. j.u.g.' over and over and I just couldn't get it. School was not my happiest time. Best, Jane :)