Tuesday 1 January 2019

Dear Diary

One of the things I used to love about New Year's Day was that I could start my new diary!  When I was young, I always got a Girl Guide Diary every year in my Christmas stocking.  (I can't believe it is 50 years since I got these!)

I always thought it was bad luck to write anything in it before the first of January, so that's when I would start filling in all my family's birthdays, even the dog's and then start off full of good intentions about filling it in every day.

The great thing about the Guide Diary was that there were lots of other little interesting bits and pieces too.  These pages show the bird and wild flowers I'd seen.

This takes me back - favourite songs from 1968!  Remember having to learn the Guide Promise, Motto and Law?

Reading through these has been a real nostalgia trip!  Good luck if you are intending to keep a diary or journal this year!



Crimson Kettle said...

What great fun! I remember all those songs! Oh dear, showing my age!! 😊

Polyester Princess said...

What fun to have all these diaries to browse through. A nostalgic trip to your younger self! I kept a diary for a while when I was in my teens, but I threw them out when I thought I was all grown up and found them embarrassing. A decision I've come to regret, obviously. What I wouldn't give to have a glimpse now ... xxx

Kezzie said...

I love these! The list of how to be a good Guide is a great one! I love the opportunity to spot birds etc too!

Jane said...

I was in the Girl Guides in the late 70's. I loved it, but I don't remember the diaries. I loved working towards getting new badges and was always so happy when I got a new one. I love the song 'To Sir With Love' and the film too. Best, Jane :)