Thursday, 9 January 2020

Starts and finishes

I just loved stitching this little Lizzie Kate Spring Small - Bloom.  Started and finished on Sunday when I had a day in the house because the weather was so awful!  Enjoyed stitching while watching an old episode of Morse on tv.

Got some lovely little bulbs which were in a tub and transplanted them into vintage teacups to make them look even prettier once they flower.

Finshed Spring from the same Lizzie Kate pattern.  That's two finishes already in 2020 - although they really are small!

It was nice to see some sunshine here in Greenock today after all the heavy rain and high winds we've been having recently.  Good to get out and walk, then when I get home I don't feel so guilty about spending time stitching!

Love, Liz


Polyester Princess said...

Oh, that's a very sweet one, Liz, and quite springlike, as our your bulbs in teacups! Glad to read that you got some sunshine. I think you sent your rain our way! xxx

Julie said...

Nice and bright stitching always brightens a dull day. Your finishes are really great.

Sheila said...

Gorgeous cross stitched pieces. The colours are lovely.
It's been sunny here today but the wind was a bit spiteful. I was glad to get home.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such a cute cross stitch, Liz...your creativeness inspires me!