Thursday 19 March 2020

Izal toilet paper

Remember Izal toilet paper?  Remember the disinfectant smell?

I've just noticed that an old Shortbread & Ginger post from May 2015 about this throwback necessity has been getting a lot of views recently!  If the worse comes to the worse then we know where to find some supplies of it!!!!!!

Talking about throwbacks, here's a wee something to cheer you up - Roy Orbison singing Pretty Woman with some amazing backing singers!

Keep healthy, happy and busy my lovely friends! 

Love, Liz


Maggie said...

Ha ha we were just talking in the office of the days when we had this in schools!

Polyester Princess said...

We have a display of vintage toiletries in our bathroom, including two vintage loo rolls! We're still alright for loo roll here, although it disappears from the supermarket shelves faster than it can be restocked. Who know these two rolls might come in handy some day :-) Stay safe, Liz! xxx

Julie said...

It's the crunch when you try to soften it a bit!