Tuesday 24 March 2020

Shelf of pretty things

At these trying times, to me it is important to have pretty things to look at in the house - to stop me going crazy!  I tidied up this little shelf and switched on my fairy lights.  Instant cheer!

The tiny sewing machine was a gift from my son years ago.  I've only just got round to painting the woodwork white (funny the things you find to do when you are confined to quarters!).  The little box opens up and you can store needles in it.

This old tea advert couldn't be more apt - I'm drinking tea like ... well, a tea-jenny!  What advertisement was it that called tea - "the cup that cheers"!  True for me.

Of course the happy smiling girls love their little perch.

Hope you are keeping healthy, happy and busy, my lovely blogging friends.

Love, Liz 


Kim Sharman said...

Oh, yes a cup of tea in a pretty tea cup is the perfect panacea for these troubling days. Love that little sewing machine. Such a treasure. Fabulous that it sits on a box where you can store pins and things. Your little cheery home looks like the perfect place to be.

Julie said...

You can't go wrong with tea, its the saviour for us all in times of crisis. I'm surprised there's not been a run on that in the shops with empty shelves.
Your shelf is really pretty, i'm sure it will make you smile in days to come.

Polyester Princess said...

Oh yes, definitely, I need pretty things around me as well. I would go crazy in a minimalist interior at the best of times, but now especially. Isn't that tiny sewing machine/box cute? And I'm loving the tea advert too! Do keep safe, Liz! xxx