Thursday 30 April 2020

Sewing machine complete

You might remember this little sewing machine I showed you many weeks ago.  Well, I thought it looked a bit sparse just on its own.  So I decided to accessorise it.  First of all I found an old metal spool from a real sewing machine and added it to it.

Then I hand stitched a little quilt to put beside it.

I now have it displayed on my bureau in my hallway surrounded by fairy lights.

QUESTION - a lot of my photographs from pervious posts on my blog seem to have disappeared.  Has anyone else had that problem?  Does anyone know how to fix it?

Love, Liz


Polyester Princess said...

What a gorgeous display, Liz. Fingers crossed, but I haven't had the disappearing photograph problem - I think! I do hope one of your readers can help you with this! xxx

Crimson Kettle said...

A very pretty display Liz.

Julie said...

That looks really pretty, a great idea to make the little quilt
Sorry, I can't help with the lost pics, i'm not that techy...hope someone else can.