Sunday 6 December 2020

Just what I was looking for!

It's been ages since I had a good rummage around the local charity shops, but recently I was on the lookout for something.  You know that feeling that you'll know what you are looking for when you see it?  That's the way I was - and I found just what I was looking for!

I needed a wee something, probably glass, to make a display plate.  I found exactly the right thing!  Oh, and of course, something else, totally random that just had to come home too!  I found this little glass dish which I hot glued to a ancient pyrex flan dish I've had for absolute ages and made a lovely little display plate.  I could also use this as a cake stand too!

I put some Christmas bits and pieces on it and its sits in my kitchen - I added some lights to make it sparkle.  I love it and for just £1 it was exactly what I needed!

The other find was a little plaque.  I've already taken off the tatty string, sanded and painted it.  I'm hoping to add one of my cross stitch pieces to it.  I'll show you it when I've finished.  Two finds in one day in the one shop!  Result!  Hope you've been lucky recently.

Love, Liz


Maggie said...

Great finds and I like what you did with them too :-)
A lot of the charity shop around here have stayed closed, even when we are not in lockdown so no rummaging for a while for me

Polyester Princess said...

The display dish is just brilliant, and I'm loving the Christmas still life you created with it. I might be off to the charity shop for the first time since lockdown 2 tomorrow ... xxx

Crafty in the Med said...

I do miss the markets and the car boot sales. There are no charity shops around here at least that I know of. Even if there were i Expect they would be closed...tch!! The fix you have created between those two dishes is great! Looks good with the Christmas ornaments. I shall look forward to how you are going to use the plaque with your cross stitch piece. keep well Amanda x