Tuesday 9 February 2021

A gaggle of grannies!

Not sure if that is the collective term for crochet granny squares, but it will do for this post.  There's a photograph in there of my paternal Grandmother - she's the one to blame - she taught me to crochet!

You can also see my crochet hook - she gave me it when I was learning and I've used it ever since.  I think of her when I pick it up.  She must have had amazing patience to teach me to crochet.  We visited every Sunday and I can remember her saying, "Right Lisbeth, lets see if you can remember how we do this."

I finished my blue blanket and gave it an edge of bright red.  Love it!

I've been making different sizes of squares from all my odd bits of yarn.  Don't have enough of any one colour to edge the squares yet.  I'll have to wait till the shops re-open to see what colour I want to use and buy some yarn.  I don't mind, I'm enjoying just sitting doing some crochet.  Also using up my yarn stash - really pleased at how much it has reduced!

While one of my Grannies taught me to crochet, I blame my maternal Grandmother for my love of vintage china!  I would help her clean her display cabinet when I was young.  You can see a photograph of her and her china cabinet in a previous post here.

Stay safe and well my blogging friends!

Love, Liz


Catherine said...

Nice to your blanket! Nice with the red border. I am also doing granny squares at the moment, it is nice during the winter to do such things.
I hope you have a good week

Jo said...

I wonder how many of our grannies passed on their yarny skills to us. My grandma was a prolific knitter and though I don't remember her teaching me to knit as it's something I don't even remember learning as I was so young, both she and my mum taught me between them apparently.

Faith said...

Your post is wonderful, such warm memories. My grandmother crochet but I never knew her, I wish I had. There is something wonderfully cozy about granny squares. I'm not fond of the joining process...I love those itty balls of yarn stash, they look so pretty in a basket. My sister taught me to crochet when I was a young girl, and I am ever grateful, it has been a joy filled journey for me.

Polyester Princess said...

A gaggle of grannies sounds delightful. In your case, granny squares can be taken quite literally. What a wonderful legacy your grandmother gave you teaching you how to crochet! xxx

Olde Dame Holly said...

Our grannies were national treasures. How I wish there was a time machine. Your granny squares are so bright and cheery. Love them.

50 and counting said...

My Granny taught me enough crochet to make a granny square! lol.

I did once manage to crochet a doily but never again, the reading of the pattern was stressful.

Could you explain how you join your squares together? I usually single crochet the edges together but it looks like you crochet with a triple to join them?

Kim said...

You are crocheting up a storm with all those pretty "grannies". A gorgeous blanket and the red edging is a beautiful contrast. Lovely to read of your grandmothers, and the passing down of their passions to you.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Aren't grandmothers just the best?. What a wonderful post and all of your photos are so cheerful. What lovely memories you and your grandmothers made crocheting and passing on the love of pretty china.

Juliana said...

I so enjoyed your blog post! I just discovered your blog on someone else's list, and I'm so glad I did. Your thoughts of your grandmother made me happy because they made me think of my mother's mother. She did not do any handwork, except the endless mending, but it was nice to think of her as I read your remembrances. I love your scrappy granny square blankets. They remind me of beautiful scrappy quilts.
Juliana in Detroit Michigan

Maggie said...

No one in my family new how to crochet, I learned how to knit from both my granny and my mum though. I didn't learn how to crochet until about 7 years ago.
My granny had a very similar china cabinet which I now have in my bedroom :-)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Liz,

Many of us owe such a great debt to our grandparents. They taught us so much and made us feel the most important people in the world. As you say, one can but wonder how they maintained the level of patience needed to teach these new skills and always so kindly meant.

Alas, neither of us acquired the art of crocheting, sewing or knitting but, in keeping with your maternal grandmother, collecting china has been a way of life for us for more years than we care to recall.

Just recently, we emptied one of our small cabinets to look in detail at the contents. We washed it all, noted the makers' marks and spent many happy hours reminiscing about it all. Each piece has a story to tell.

Christine M said...

I love granny square blankets. The last time I did any crochet was about 36 years ago (I then got into cross stitch). I crocheted a baby blanket and put it in my hope chest. I eventually got to use it when I had my three boys. It's now put away for hopefully one day there'll be grandchildren.