Thursday, 26 August 2021

Gorgeous Greenock

What a great and busy summer this has been!

Spire of former St George's North Church, Greenock

Not a lot of crafting done, but isn't lovely just being able to go out walking with friends and then going for coffee.  Who would have thought that a once simple thing like meeting for coffee could become such a great thing!
Former tobacco warehouses, Greenock

I've loved walking and exploring my hometown of Greenock.  I try to walk on the Esplanade every day - its my favourite walk.

Detail of fountain on Esplanade, Greenock

Love, Liz


Barwitzki said...

Oh yes, walks in beautiful cities have a very special charm. .. and a coffee with a little candy is especially nice and it is best to meet friends - well, that doesn't always work. Have fun with your walks, thanks for the picture of the beautiful cathedral. Many greetings to you. Viola

Crafty in the Med said...

Definitely agree with you Liz! It has been such a treat to be able to get together with family again. The oppressive heat keeps us mostly indoors during the day but we go out for our evening stroll and meet up with friends for a chat. When the heat abates I shall,like yourself, be out walking again and rediscovering local sights and the different places to walk. keep well Amanda x

Polyester Princess said...

Lovely to see you around, Liz and thank you for showing us some more details of Greenock! xxx