Friday 24 December 2021

Calendars and cross stitch

 At last!  I've finally got my Christmas Trio houses from Waxing Moon Designs fully finished!

I put them in this calendar holder along with a gorgeous picture from a Lang Publishers Calendar from sometime in the 1990s (sorry, not sure which year).  Think this is a great idea to use some old calendar illustrations of American folk art with cross stitch.  Did you ever have a Lang Calendar?

My sister in law in Canada used to send me the Lang Calendar every year and fortunately I kept them.  I just love the illustrations.  I love stitching houses and these just match some of the lovely cross stitch patterns I've stitched over the years.

The good thing is that I can swap out the illustrations and cross stitch depending on the seasons.  Looking forward to continuing this in 2022.

I actually laced the cross stitch on cardboard covered with batting - not very well - but it was my first time trying lacing, so forgive me for that!

I'm very pleased with the result - a great addition to my Christmas decor.

Love, Liz

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Polyester Princess said...

What a lovely idea, Liz! xxx