Sunday 18 September 2022

NOT a sampler wall

It seems to be the in thing that all the "cool" cross stitch ladies show off their sampler walls.  I have nothing like that to show.  The nearest I have to any kind of collection is what I've decided to call my 90s wall.  All my old fashioned stitching in one place.

All some of the stuff that I stitched when my boys were young in the 90s is displayed in the spare room.  Hardly anyone is ever in there so no one really gets to see it.  Would be considered very uncool today, but a lot of time, love and care went into making these.  I've got more hiding in cupboards ... somewhere!

They are all from various issues of Cross Country Stitching from the 1990s.- an American magazine (no longer printed) I used to have a subscription to as it wasn't readily available here in the UK.

So today they are considered dated, but I still love them and I suppose one day these might even be considered "vintage"!

Love, Liz


Donna G. said...

Lovely! Keep enjoying those vintage pieces. I also have several vintage pieces that I stitched…..can’t just “toss” them because they are no longer in style.

busybusybeejay said...

Amazing!Think of how many hours have gone into them.Must get mine out again.

grandma sandy said...

Don't think for a minute that these aren't view worthy! Your stitching is lovely and there is a ton of backstitching that sets everything off nicely. I have done a fair number of samplers myself but the pieces I enjoyed the most were similar to yours with plaids and lovely shading and many were from this same magazine. Stitch the designs you love and apologize to no one.

Maggie said...

Aww I love them, and If you still love them they are cool :-)
I used to have a sampler wall at our previous house, It was an old Victorian house and they didn't look out of place, somehow everything looks cluttered in this house. although I have been considering putting one in our back sitting room, we'll see.

Polyester Princess said...

They're far too gorgeous to be hidden away, Liz, and yes, some day they will be considered vintage! xxx