Thursday, 20 October 2022

Gingham Hearts

I seem to have a love of all things gingham at the moment!

I came across these two little gingham hearts that I stitched ages ago, and they fit perfectly in with the little red cross stitch vignette that I have on my side table.

Just simple heart shapes cut out of gingham fabric and appliqued onto white fabric.  I can't believe that I actually made these!  Must have been ages ago!  (Just checked this blog - it was in February 2014)!

Glad I kept them - and found them.

Love, Liz


NanaDiana said...

Lovely. I love gingham and always have. I used to dress my little girls in matching gingham outfits. xo Diana

Polyester Princess said...

Oh, I do love gingham, and in fact made some gingham lavender filled hearts many years ago.
Gingham is such a timeless pattern, and your makes are absolutely delightful! xxx