Saturday 31 December 2011

Scottish Sentiments

Right now - somewhere in the world - people are celebrating the New Year!
So, from me to all my lovely bloggy friends, here's a Scottish wish for you!

My Granny always had one of these little calendars every year.  She hung it beside the fireplace and it was Granda's job to tear of the months as they went by. 

She absolutely adored these calendars, especially if they had "wee Scotties" on them.  So every time I see these, I think of her.

Love, Liz

Friday 30 December 2011

Bluebird of Happiness

Couldn't resist one last visit to the charity shops before the long weekend closure, and wow - was I lucky?  Oh yes indeedy!  Found this little beauty.  Its a lovely little milk jug with a bluebird on it.

Made in England by Grindley it is marked "The Victory".  

Doing some research I discovered that the bluebird symbolises happiness, cheerfulness, prosperity, hearth and home and lots of other positive qualities.  What a wonderful symbol as we approach a new year.

Many sailors have bluebird tattoos - you can read all about the symbolism of that here - its really interesting.

Treated myself to a few other little (new) bits and pieces too -

A lovely little tea cabinet.

And a chicken to add to my collection.

Oh well, that's my Christmas money spent - but I'm very happy!
Hope you've spotted some pretty things recently.

Love, Liz

I'm joining The Thrifty Groove for Thrifty Things Friday.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Tides and Birds

Its another day of wild weather here in Greenock - pouring rain and high winds - glad I don't have to go out.

Yesterday wasn't too bad, so I went out for a walk to Cardwell Bay, a nice little place in Gourock.  I took these photographs there yesterday.

Compare this one to the same scene on 13 December - exceptionally high tide, heavy rain and gusting winds brought the river right up to street level!

Plenty of birds around yesterday.
Love, Liz

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Just For Fun!

Irn Bru - Scotland's other national drink!

Great for hangovers (so I'm told)!
If you want a laugh - check out the Irn Bru Christmas ad - its pure dead brilliant!  Its a take on Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman" story and its really funny!  There are a lot of Scottish landmarks in the cartoon and the words are great.
Love, Liz

Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas to all!

To all my lovely bloggy followers and friends -

Merry Christmas

Love, Liz

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Perfect View

Hubby and I went out for lunch last Friday.  It was a beautiful day and the views across the river Clyde from the restaurant were absolutely amazing.

A group of cormorants on an old pier.

As the afternoon wore on, the sun cast a beautiful glow on the snow clad hills.

One of the best days of winter ... so far!
Remember to click on photos to see more detail.

Love, Liz

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Lucky Me!

Wow!  I've been so lucky!

I joined Lakota of Faith Hope & Charity Shopping's Christmas swap and was lucky to get Nicole of Nicole Needles as my partner.  Her swap parcel arrived yesterday and I waited till today to open it so that I could take photos while the light was good.   I was amazed at the vintage loveliness inside!

First of all - some cigarette cards - a mixture of sportsmen, and other bits and pieces.  There was also a wee album to put them in.

Then this fab vintage garland and some spices for mulled wine - they smell really Christmassy!

Included was a lovely little doily with gorgeous flowers around the edge.  There was also a handmade pot holder in beautiful vintagy fabric.  Included were the instructions on how to make it - might give it a go.

And last, but not least was this lovely vintage Christmas card, which held an actual card with a child's handwritten note inside - how sweet!

So, Nicole - many thanks - you have chosen such thoughtful gifts and I am so happy with each and every one of them.   Check out Nicole's blog and see the wonderful clothes she makes from vintage patterns.

And thanks also to Lakota for organising such a great event.

Love, Liz

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Have you heard about the Post Office that ran out of stamps?

Actually it's not a joke!  The Post Office in Gourock ran out of second class stamps yesterday!  I was down to post some gifts and there was an enormous queue.  They did have a little hand-written sign up to say that they had run out, but lots of people were there to post parcels and do other business as well as buy stamps. The ladies behind the counter were telling folk that they wouldn't be getting any in till Friday morning at the earliest! 

Hello ........ it's Christmas card posting time!!!!
Did no one mention it????
What happened to forward planning????

I thought this was a bit ridiculous, considering that every year we are bombarded with ads telling us to post early for Christmas!  I dread having to go to the Post Office, the queues are horrendous and the Greenock Post Office is now upstairs at W H Smith - not the best place, in my opinion!  That's why I was at Grourock, despite the 70 mph winds!

I stopped sending Christmas cards about five years ago and I have to say that I don't regret it.  For the first few years I felt a bit guilty, but now I'm really glad I stopped!

Thought you might like a wee look at some stamps from Christmas past.

I have a confession to make - a few weeks ago I took the backings from old Christmas stamps so that I could do some crafting with them.  Once they were dry, I put them inside a big book to flatten them.

Dear reader ... I cannot remember which book!

Love, Liz

Sunday 11 December 2011

Sweet Little Cards

Found these gorgeous little flashcards in a charity shop yesterday.  They are reproductions by T J Whitney's Traditional Toys and are just so cute.

One side has the letter and the other has a pretty little picture with objects beginning with the letter.

The illustrations are so sweet!

The set is complete - amazing!

Think I might frame some of these, they are too pretty to be hidden in the box.

Love, Liz

Joining with Flea Market Finds for other lovely pieces.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Migrating Ornaments!

Ok - so, you know when you get the boxes of Christmas decorations down from the loft - do any of you find things, bits and bobs that -

a.        aren't anything to do with Christmas
b.        you don't remember putting away with the Christmas tat stuff
c.         you've been looking for for ages

Well, that's just happened to me!  I found an old Black Magic chocolates tin and a vase that belonged to my Gran!  How on earth did they migrate to the deccy box?

Love this tin.  An old lady gave it to me ages ago.  Don't know when it was issued, but if anyone knows, I would love to find out.

Then there's this vase.  Faded - probably wouldn't even pick it up in a charity shop - but it belonged to my Gran.  I can remember it filled with flowers on her sideboard.  Then my Mum had it for a while - on the kitchen window sill filled with flowers.  Then I get it and it ends up with the Christmas stuff! 

Going to find a permanent home for it - on my dresser, I think!

Love, Liz