Thursday 31 March 2011

I Used To Be A Fairy!

I was! 
Don't you believe me? 
I've even got a badge to prove it!

Yes, I'm talking about the time, many years ago when I was a Brownie!

I had lots of proficiency badges too.

Clever girls, were Brownies!

Elf & Safety would have a field day!

OK, so I've proved that I was a fairy …….. what were you?

Love, Liz

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Tea and Royalty

The luck of the Irish was certainly with me the other day when I was out trawling through some charity shops.

I found this lovely little apron - it perfectly matches my shamrock tablecloth!
There was a dinky little napkin with it, although it has a slightly different design.
I can just imagine myself serving afternoon tea bedecked in this little apron (well …….. a bit of imagination may be required here, although I can get it tied at the back!)

I would serve my homemade scones arrayed on this lovely wee plate.  Love the autumnal shades here.

And my guest would be ……. Colin Firth (wait, no …….. that's another scenario!)

That thought was brought on by my last find, a lovely little booklet from the 50s about King George.

It would appear to be part of a series.

Isn't this a cute little picture?

Have been amazed at some of the prices in charity shops!  Is it my imagination or have they shot up recently?  I know its for charity, but some of the stuff was real tat (as opposed to the stuff we love, which is totally different ha ha)!!!!

Love, Liz

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Seeing Stars

I found this lovely little teaset in a charity shop recently.  I was really taken by the white and gold design.

The thin gold lines make a triangular pattern which makes the outline of a star shape.  This is echoed by the circle of stars around it.

The central scrolly pattern is not just on the saucer and side plate, but also inside the cup.

The markings don’t give much away, but if anyone knows anything about this little set I would love to know more.

I really love this pattern – would look wonderful on a Christmas table.

Love, Liz

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Sunday 27 March 2011

Cosy Knits

This is the first tea cosy I've knit since I was in school, and that certainly wasn't yesterday!

I mentioned to a friend that I was knitting this and she said she would love one - so Karen - this is yours! 
Because you pull the strands of wool across the back, it gives a extra layer for insulation and keeps the tea nice and hot in the pot!

inside out

I took a photo of all my unfinished knitting projects last week, to shame myself into finishing them!  It did the trick! 

I also finished off this little baby cardigan which I started ages ago as a gift for my friend's daughter who was pregnant.  The baby is now five months old and that's it just finished!  Oh, I am so ashamed!  Its only eight inches across, so its for a tiny baby.

There must be four white buttons the same in this lot!

I don't really have any excuses, but I think that its because I hate sewing up that when I'm near the end of a project I kind of put the inevitable off …

So, in order to be really good and show you the finished items, I got to work this weekend and finished off the cosy and cardi!

Great, I hear you say, so now all you have to get on with is the little Aran knit?

Well ……………… I was so chuffed with how the tea cosy turned out ………. that I started another one!

I know, but these colours just called out to me!

Love, Liz

Thursday 24 March 2011

Pretty Pictures

Remember the bits and pieces of cross stitch which I showed you in an earlier post?
Well, finally got around to doing something with two of the little pictures.

Bought two frames from the pound shop, painted them, added some gingham fabric and this is the final product.

I really like them, but wonder if I should add some ribbon in a bow to top of frame.

Do you think they are good enough to sell at a craft fair?
Going to make some more!

Love, Liz

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Cake Stand (without cakes)!

What do you think of my first cake stand?

I think it fits in well with the other blue and white pieces on my dresser. 

I suppose I should have photographed it with some lovely cakes on it, but that would have been just the excuse I needed to have cakes in the house!  I'm trying to cut down on that sort of thing, so …… regretfully, no cakes!

I chose the plates and hubby drilled the holes for me - I'm not much good at that sort of thing.

Chose these chunky plates for the first one.  Think it would look good on a farmhouse table or with other blue and white china.

Going to try another one - this time with some vintage pieces.  Hope it turns out as well as this one.

Many thanks to all of you who take the time to comment
on my blog - I appreciate them all!

Love, Liz

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Teacup from Aberdeen

This little trio bears the coat of arms and motto of the Scottish city of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen - the granite city, is situated on the north east coast of Scotland and is also known as the oil capital of Europe. 

Aberdeen's motto is "Bon Accord", French for "Good Agreement" and is supposed to date from the fourteenth century. It is connected with Robert the Bruce and the Wars of Scottish Independence.

The animals on the coat of arms are leopards - supposedly given by James I to the city.  Here's a link to find out more about Aberdeen's history.

I just really like this because it is so unlike most other cups.  I believe that there are similar trios for many towns in Scotland.

Hope you like it too!

Love, Liz

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Monday 21 March 2011

Heart of the home

My Victorian house has quite a large kitchen.  Just a few weeks ago, I decided to paint the mantle.

I presume at one time this was where the large range would have been.  I would love one of the new range-style cookers, but maybe …  someday (in my dreams).

Here's how it looked before.

Most of the things on top (such descriptive writing) were already elsewhere in the house, but I decided that I needed a nice red and white plate as a finishing touch.  Next day I toured the charity shops and there it was - hidden under a pile of not very attractive china!

Just what I was looking for!

Not bad for 60p!

Love, Liz