Wednesday 31 August 2011

Wax Flower Plant

I've had this houseplant for a few years now.  It sits on top of my dresser and each year produces the most beautiful flowers.

I know it as a "wax flower plant", but its real name is hoya.

Its flowers are amazingly like wax flowers - I wish you could see them close up and notice their texture.  Even the little pink bits in the middle (can you tell I know a lot about plants?) have a sheen to them that makes them look and feel like beads!

Love, Liz

Monday 29 August 2011

Working at 245ft!

Had visitors at the weekend and it was fun to take them around town pointing out local landmarks and telling them a bit of the town's history.

This is the Victoria Tower which is part of Greenock's Municipal Buildings.  It is 245ft high and is getting some work done.  I could hardly bear to watch these guys working so high up!  Don't like heights much!  Brave souls!

Some of the stonework and carving is just beautiful!

Reminders of Greenock's past as a great world-wide trading port.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Is anyone else having problems with uploading photos to their blog-
seems to be very slow -
have noticed this quite a bit recently.

Love, Liz

Friday 26 August 2011


I made this little notebook cover earlier in the week.  I had a design in mind and just made it up as I went along - but I think its turned out ok!

Got carried away with myself and made a little phone cover to match!

Have a great weekend.

Love, Liz

Monday 22 August 2011

Look Up!

While I was in Glasgow on Friday I went to the Buchanan Galleries - a brilliant shopping mall at the top of Buchanan Street.  They are doing a bit of demolition across from the Galleries and a little spot of colour grabbed my attention!

Amongst all the destruction and rubble was this little spot of red and white - using the camera zoom I could see that it had once been a tiled wall (possibly a toilet).  Really stood out among the ruins.

Because they were demolishing these buildings, it meant that there was a better view of what was behind them (don't worry, as far as I know, they are not being destroyed).  I thought these were lovely - don't know anything about them.

Also saw this lovely turreted window - very unusual!

Someone once told me that when you are in Glasgow you should always look up - the architecture is amazing!  Its true - I was so glad I had my camera with me to catch these shots.

Love, Liz

Sunday 21 August 2011

Silly Knits!

Got this strange knitting pattern leaflet in the charity shop.  I say strange, because  ... well, you'll see why!  It contains patterns "inspired" by different countries. 

Ireland ... of course!
Some are a bit obscure ...

Well, apart from the hat ...
Some are a bit strange!  Loving his big ... cheese!

Some are weird ...

Koala makes it Australian - right?
Eh? What ... no cowboys?!
And as for this guy ...

Looks totally p....d off!

Made me chuckle anyway!

Looking forward to seeing what you have discovered this week over at Flea Market Finds!

Love, Liz

Saturday 20 August 2011

Downton Abbey

How great is Downton Abbey?!

I know, I'm a bit slow, a bit behind the times!  I didn't see it when it was on last year because STV didn't show it and I forgot to watch the first episode on catch up, so decided to wait until it came out on DVD.  I'm so glad I did!

I was hooked from the first opening credits - all those servants running about!  I watched the first DVD at one sitting last night- not sure how many episodes that was, three I think.  Going to watch second DVD tonight with a glass or two of Merlot - heaven!!

We discovered an old servants' bell in our house when we moved in!  I wrote a post about it - check it out!  Not quite as large as the one at Downton, but still a reminder of past times.  Glad it doesn't work!

Love, Liz

Friday 19 August 2011

Street Scenes

I've been on a little trip!  I'll give you some clues as to where I was -

Can you guess yet?

Am I making it too easy for you?

That's right ... I was in Glasgow today!

Pardon, I hear you say ....... but what about all those US road signs and emergency vehicles?

Well, they are filming a zombie movie with Brad Pitt in Glasgow at George Square so, since I had a bit of shopping to do in Glasgow today, I decided to have a wee look and see what all the fuss was about.

Large vans and various bits of equipment everywhere.  It was quite interesting, actually!

Don't think Mr Gladstone was impressed!

Oh, well, another typical Glasgow street scene - the police van after chucking out time!  Oops .......... no ..........sorry -  its those pesky zombies!!!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Love, Liz

Wednesday 17 August 2011


Many Scottish children went back to school today - end of the summer holidays!
So I thought I'd do a school related post.

First of all - this is my school report card from the 1960s - its funny to see Mum and Dad's signatures in it - brought a wee lump to my throat!

I seem to have been a reasonably consistent pupil!  Such early promise - pity it didn't last!

Not as politically correct as today!

These illustrations come from a school reading book from Australia - "Seaside Story" issued by the Department of Education of New South Wales.  You may remember another one of these books from this post.

Sweet illustrations.

I always feel that once the schools go back, then summer is over and today's weather is confirming that!  There is definitely a bit of a chill in the air.  I hope we have a few more sunny days to come though!

Love Liz