Wednesday 29 February 2012

70s Breakfast

Breakfast à la 70s.

Arcopal teacup, saucer and plate - remnants of a wedding gift (of course, I was a child bride, ahem!).

Reading my fav 70s mag - 19 Magazine - I remember using the stuff (correction fluid) in this ad - always ran out just when it was needed most.  Then I moved to an office which used blue paper for correspondence - argh!!!!!  In the days of electric (or even worse, manual) typewriters, you really had to be accurate!  I never did tape type my way to fame and fortune!
But, I digress ... so unlike me!

The reason for this post - these

Three Original Cornish Kitchenware egg cups found in the charity shop yesterday.  Didn't know what make they were till I got them home because they were in the window of the shop and I had to ask the wee old lady how much they were.  She rummaged in the window, told me the price, tutted and then said, "They're naw worth that, gie's wan fifty."  I hastily agreed because she had been so nice and I was actually looking for some egg cups for Easter bits and pieces.

Anyway, to continue - discovered that the mark stating that they were restyled by Judith Onions (what a great name) dates from1968 - 1975 so decided to treat myself to a 70s breakfast today!  Phew, got there in the end.  Is anyone still with me?

Very enjoyable breakfast!

The wee lady in the charity shop was not just nice to me.  There had been an old lady in front of me who bought a purse.  The charity shop lady put a 20p inside it for her because we have a tradition here that if you give anyone a new purse, you have to put a coin in it - I think it is a good luck charm - so that their purse will never be empty.  Is that a west of Scotland tradition or do you do this too?

Anyway, that restored my faith in the human side (as opposed to the business side) of charity shops.  I feel a bit guilty about all my recent moans!

Have a great day!

Love, Liz

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Crochet and Food

I'm finding crochet totally addictive - once I start, I can't stop.  I had to go out and buy some more yarn today.

I'm aiming to make a cushion cover with these granny squares.  Love the colours.

As well as shopping, I've been busy this morning - I've made a pot of chicken soup - using the carcass from Sunday's roast and I've also made a big pot of chilli - yum! 

Household chores done (well, all I'm doing for today), time for more crochet and a catch up with your lovely blogs!  Hope you are having a happy day.

Love, Liz

Sunday 26 February 2012

Have a break .......

Lovely red Kit Kat tin - not that old, but will look great on my dresser.

I liked it straight away!

But ....... opened it up slightly!

Result!  Filled with lots of little tapestry wools - all the colours of the rainbow!

Excellent!  Really need a cuppa and - well, guess what kind of biscuit I fancy?!

Hope you have been as lucky as me this week.  I'm joining Flea Market Finds to see all the lovely acquired goodies!

Love, Liz

A great big welcome to all my new followers!
The "oldies" get hugs too!

Friday 24 February 2012

Sunset and Roses

Sunset and roses .......... shouldn't that be moonlight and roses?

Well, that was the name of a song from many, many years ago - but today I want to show you this gorgeous plate which I found in a local charity shop.  It is by Paragon and is called Sunset.

I just had to get some yellow roses.

I wasn't sure about this plate at first, but I find that I like it more and more each day.

I've been quite lucky with my finds recently, which usually means that I'm in for a few lean weeks!  Do you find that it is either a famine or a feast as far as great finds are concerned?

Have a great weekend.

Love, Liz

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Nylons and Aprons

Fully fashioned nylons.
The very words either strike fear - pinging suspenders and freezing thighs!
Glamour - straight seams and dressing to impress!

I'm the former, I'm afraid - practical and down to earth, but it didn't stop me buying these in the charity shop!  Ballito Serenade stockings in Bermuda shade.

Brought back a lot of memories.  My friend and I used to work in a small department store when we were at college and we just loved it when we had to "keep an eye" on the department that sold tights, stockings, etc - we knew all the shades - American Tan, Pewter and especially Cream Soda - which was very popular in the seventies, it was a pale, creamy colour.

My next find was in among the linens and at first I thought it was a bit of fabric, but it turned out to be a full length apron.  I had a feeling it was a keeper as the fabric felt like really good quality, it hadn't been used and still had its tag on.

When I got home I checked out Green Gate and discovered all their lovely products!  Wonder who handed this in to the charity shop in these Cath Kidston days?!

I love it!  I can now throw out the old apron I've been wearing for ages - a scruffy old blue and white stripe, butcher's type practical one.  Now I'm going to float about the kitchen looking all feminine and domestic godessy! 

Actually I have to wear an apron because I'm such a messy cook (and eater)!!! 
Ho hum, ... one can dream!

Love, Liz

Monday 20 February 2012

Ads from the 60s

I've had an old Beatles newspaper since the 60s.  The front cover has gone - must have been a poster on it which I probably had on my bedroom wall the rest of it is just full of photograpghs and information about the Beatles.  Thought you might like to see this picture - very early photograph with Pete Best.

The ads are great.

Ice skating at Silver Blades, Prescot Road, Liverpool.  Look at the prices for musical instruments!

Gordon-Moore's toothpaste - funny little poem.

Fab record players.

Some names from the past.

More pictures of the Beatles another day ........ promise!

Love, Liz

Sunday 19 February 2012

Pink and Pastels

Some fab finds this week!

Not only did I find these three lovely little Pink Vogue china cups, saucers and side plates, along with them came a pink sugar dish which is by Royal Vale.

Love the intricate handles on the cups and the fluted edges of the saucers and plates.

I also found this gorgeous small table cloth for only 50p!  I really liked the soft, muted pastel colours - will look great with lots of my vintage china.

The washing instructions caught my eye!

Suds - love that word!

Hope you had some good finds this week - will be checking them out at Flea Market Finds.

Love, Liz

Saturday 18 February 2012

The Art of Posters

I found a fantastic book in a charity shop.  It is "Posters" by Bevis Hillier.

It tells the history of posters and is full of wonderful examples from the earliest days up to the psychedelic 60s.  It is a very interesting and informative book.

My personal favourites are the late 19th century French posters and those from WWI,

There are lots of colour plates and many in black and white.

The book is not in great condition, so I think I might frame some of my favourites.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Love, Liz

Wednesday 15 February 2012

On My Travels

Had a lovely weekend down in Harrogate meeting up with Son#1and his wife.  Had lunch at Betty's and a wander round all the great wee shops.  However, this notice in the British Heart Foundation books and music shop caught my eye!  I can understand why more stock of winter clothes and boots would be needed, but books and music????  Made me smile!

On Sunday we went to Skipton - what a great wee town.  Some fantastic shops - especially Emma's Apothecary and Homestore - one of the prettiest little shops I've ever been in - full of lovely things displayed perfectly!  Disappointed that Birdcage was closed, looked like my kind of place - all vintage and handmade gorgeousness!

Now back at home, I went on my usual Tuesday trawl through the local charity shops.  One of them had been shut for a few weeks and I discovered that it had been given a makeover - so had the prices!!!  Everything is now colour co-ordinated.  It used to be the kind of shop you could have a good rummage in and never knew what you would find - oh well, progress!

Love, Liz