Monday 30 April 2012

Stitching & Stuff

I've been finishing off a few projects -

Detecting a theme here?

This lovely "Blighty Heart" as I call it is from a pattern in Cross Stitcher Home Style magazine which is full of amazing projects, I especially love these cowboys and think they will be next on my cross stitch agenda.

Also, at long last finished this cutie from Country Cross Stitching magazine (an old edition from the 90s).

Isn't it a great feeling when you finish a few things off?  Needless to say, there are a few more on the go!

I've really been enjoying the Danish/Swedish drama The Bridge  which is being shown on BBC4 on Saturday evenings.  I like the fact that it is something different and love the Scandinavian interiors when they go inside someone's home (how trivial is that?).  I've just downloaded the gorgeous haunting theme tune which is "Hollow Talk" by Choir of Young Believers.  The only problem with this programme is the subtitles - I can't knit/crochet/stitch and watch at the same time - but it is well worth it!

Talking about TV - me and bf were out and about on Friday and just happened to pass by where they were filming Waterloo Road (well, I do just live nearby) and as I just happened to have my camera with me (as all bloggers do), I got a few shots of the action!  Here's one of the Heidy (head teacher).  They have been out and about filming all over the area - I suppose we'll get used to it eventually!

Have a great week.

Love, Liz

Saturday 28 April 2012


Hubby and I took a wee trip to Peebles today - it is about a two hour drive from Greenock, taking the scenic route.  Situated on the river Tweed, Peebles is a lovely town in the Scottish borders.  It has quite a few small, interesting shops and hasn't been spoiled by the big national chains.  On the drive there we passed lots of fields filled with sheep and lambs - so cute!

I took some photographs of the Old Parish Church in Peebles.

You can see the town crest - one fish swimming in a different direction from the others.  The town motto is "Contra Nando Incrementum" - which means - multiply by swimming against the flow, a reference to the salmon in the River Tweed.

There were quite a few charity shops but, unusually for me - I saw not one single thing that appealed to me!  I did buy some scones and cakes from a little baker's shop.  As soon as we got home I made a cuppa and the goodies were eaten in a matter of minutes - absolutely delicious!

 Love, Liz

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Belts and Badges

Jings!  Found my old Girl Guide belt the other day.

This really dates me - saw one online and it was described as "vintage".  What ho, can't hold back time!  When I was in Guides we wore a uniform like the one in this pic from my Brownie Book which I had when I was a fairy - you can read all about that here!

Look at the knife which was attached to my belt!  Can you imagine them allowing that now?  Quite a lethal weapon,  almost stabbed myself with the stone getter outter thingy when I tried to open it just now! (Well, I presume that's what it was for - getting stones out of horseshoes and that sort of thing!)  The blade part is actually quite blunt - haven't a clue what it was for - cutting string and making pot holders out of twigs at camp, perhaps?????  (More likely trimming friends fringes?)

I think Guides used the whistle for signalling - three short sharp blasts - springs to mind, but I can't remember what that means - your tea's ready or something?

 Anyway, I could never use my useful belt additions, because when I got them, my Dad attached them really tightly to my belt so that no one would steal them.  So tightly, that I could never actually get them off and I wasn't bendy enough to use the whistle while it was still around my waist attached to the belt!  Happy days - at least I had a waist and the belt fitted!

Found some badges too - all need a good polish - obviously the lessons learned at Girl Guides didn't stay with me for long!

Love, Liz

Sunday 22 April 2012

The Wonder Book of Ships

I found this fab book recently - it is "The Wonder Book of Ships" probably from around the 1950s.

It is full of interesting information and a few colour plates - I absolutely love it!

I also found this little tin - modern (and only 70p), but I thought that its colours went really well with my nautical theme and has some lovely little pictures on it.

Love, Liz
I'm joining in at Flea Market Finds and looking forward to seeing your great bargains this week.

Friday 20 April 2012

Divine Women

Have you been watching "Divine Women" by Bettany Hughes on BBC2?  It is a series of documentaries which look at the relationship between women and religion.  It is a very interesting programme.

 Bettany journeys back to ancient cultures where the goddess was all powerful, and also looks at how the role of women in organised religion has changed from the early days.  Importantly, she also shows that goddesses are not just part of history, but also have a place in some religions today.  Part three is next Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to seeing more.

The subject of women and religion is something I am particularly interested in.  A good book on the subject is "The Myth of the Goddess - Evolution of an Image" by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford.  They also travel across the globe and through time to record the importance of the feminine in many cultures.

A rant about documentaries - switch off now if you are of a nervous disposition!
There is something I have noticed about documentaries over the last few years which has really annoyed me - we see far too much of the presenter.  Bettany Hughes is not the worst of them by any manner of means and I don't find her as intrusive as many others.
Some of these other presenters, usually male, are rarely off screen - this makes me just switch off.  If the documentary is about history, then I want to see the buildings, art, and artefacts associated with that time, not some preening presenter drooling over it or gazing dreamily into the (usually misty) horizon imagining a battle taking place (usually with sound effects)! 
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!  It has been done to death and I find myself shouting "just get on with it" at the telly (if I've not switched off by then)! 
And also - while I'm on a roll - why do they stick to the time old formula - (which is one I remember being told when writing essays) -
            tell them what you are going to tell them (20 minutes)
            tell them (15 minutes, if lucky)
            tell them what you have told them (20 minutes)
We can watch the programme again if we get lost!  We don't need to be reminded countless times what the programme is about.  Many of us are adults and can retain quite a lot of information without being constantly reminded!!!!!!
Sorry!  Rant over!

On a less serious note, I was particularly struck by this image from Crete - could that be a patchwork skirt she is wearing?

 Love, Liz

Monday 16 April 2012

FAB 208

Take a trip down memory lane with these pictures from the FAB 208 Annual from 1971.  Although many of you will to too young to remember the 70s personally!

Fab graphics!

208 was the number on medium wave where you could find Radio Luxemburg on your transistor radio.  Like just about every other teenager, I used to listen with my ear glued to the radio in bed at night!

There was a weekly magazine which I could only afford occasionally, but I remember getting this Annual at Christmas - must have grown out of the Bunty!

FAB 208 is packed with pictures of stars of the 70s and lots of facts about groups and singers.

Quiz - Have You Got What It Takes?  I decided not to include the questions - don't want to wreck anyone's image of themselves!

Remember this TV programme - Doctor In the House.

I loved this programme - Please Sir! with John Alderton.

Pan's People - I thought they were so glamorous and trendy!

Fashion and fiction.

Oh well, that's the nostalgia trip over for now.  Hope you enjoyed it.

 Love, Liz

Sunday 15 April 2012

Floral Tea

I absolutely adore this little Plant Tuscan China set.  Just three cups, saucers and side plates, and so pretty and delicate.

My friend spotted it in the charity shop and pointed out to me - she knows my taste so well!

The cups, saucers and plates are all gently shaped rather than completely round.

The colours match my tablecloth perfectly.

The little orange dots are slightly raised and just set off the pale, gently colours.

This has to be one of my favourites ........... so far!

 Love, Liz

Looking forward to catching up with everyone else's treasures at Flea Market Finds.

Thursday 12 April 2012

Marshmallows and Tea

While I was knitting this pink and white tea cosy I was constantly thinking that it reminded me of something.

So I got out my pink and white china.

Still something was missing - ah yes, something edible!
Pink wafer biscuits?

Delicious, but not quite what I wanted.
Then I knew what was missing ...

Yum!!!!!!                 Marshmallows!!!!!                 Yum!!!!!

Just finished things off nicely.

And yes - I finished the marshmallows off nicely too!

Love,  Liz