Thursday 30 May 2013

Beautiful Posters

I love this type of vintage advertising poster - so decorative and beautiful.

These images are from the poster book I found a while ago.

Just love the whole atmosphere of this one - all those bright young things.

Can you guess what this poster was used to advertise?  Salad oil!  Amazing!

Love, Liz

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Perfect For Lemon Cake

Here are two more "treasures" from the church fete on Saturday.

A very pretty vintage Royal Vale plate - can just imagine a tasty lemon drizzle cake on this one!

I also found this lovely little cottage lidded dish.  I have another very similar sugar dish ... oops ... more than one - do I feel another collection starting???

Linking up with Lakota for Ta-Da Tuesday - come on over and join us!
Love, Liz

Sunday 26 May 2013

Vintage Swiss Handkerchiefs

Found these lovely vintage boxed handkerchiefs at a church fete yesterday.

They are so pretty and not a mark on them.  A bargain price too.

Even the box is pretty.

It was a beautiful day so hubby and I took the ferry across the Clyde to Dunoon.

Hope you had some good finds this weekend.  Got more bits and pieces to show you tomorrow.

Love, Liz

Friday 24 May 2013

Chasing Haggis

The moment I saw this little chap in a charity shop, I knew he would be the perfect companion for Hector!

Isn't he cute?  I've decided to call him Jock.

This is them dreaming about running through the heather chasing haggis!

Happy Friday!

Love, Liz

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Roses From Poland

I got this fabulous little tea set at the weekend.  Beautiful deep red roses on a white background.

There are five cups, saucers and side plates, a cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl.

The makers mark shows that it was made in Poland.  I think the maker is (I think) Farolina - does anyone know anything about Polish china?

Can you imagine this at the top table at a gorgeous winter wedding with bridesmaids in deep burgundy dresses and beautiful red roses as a table centre?

Love, Liz

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Pretty Cottage Garden Plates

Did I really say I was going to stop collecting??????  Did anyone really think I could stop?????  Glad to say I wavered at the weekend .... but tell me, who could resist this amazing set of plates and lovely little sauce boat?  Especially when they were a bargain!

They were made by the Staffordshire Potteries and the name on the stamp is Myott.  It would appear that the design is Lynton.  I absolutely adore it!

Such a pretty cottage and garden.

The plates are a lovely shape too and outlined in dark blue.

Glad to be back in the charity shop groove, girls!

Love, Liz

Wednesday 15 May 2013

A Queen on the Clyde

After weeks of rain, the weather was beautiful this morning for the arrival of the Queen Mary 2 at Greenock.

She is the first cruise ship of the season to arrive in the Clyde - and what a wonderful ship she is.  There are about another 39 cruise ships due this summer.

I written before about Greenock and Port Glasgow's long association with the Cunard shipping line and the affection local people have for these ships.

This is "Endeavour" - a civic monument in Port Glasgow by Malcolm Robertson, which testifies to that.  I love the red and black Cunard colours.  During the winter the sculpture was well lit and the "waves" looked quite beautiful.

Great to see these amazing ships and the lovely people they bring to the local area.

Love, Liz

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Everyday China

Thought I'd share my everyday china with you today.  I've had it for over 25 years.   It is Kilkee by Noritake and not the least bit vintage, although I have seen some bits and pieces appearing in charity shops over the last year.  I still like it, though, and its done a grand job over the years.

I got the bus into town today as it was raining ... again!  The bus stop is at the opposite end of town from where I usually start my charity shop trawl.  It felt very strange approaching the shops from the other end of town and visiting them in a different order!  Didn't realise I was such a creature of habit!  Do you have a usual route or order when you go charity shopping?  I've just realised that I even go round the shop exactly the same way each time!  Oh dear!

Did get a laugh, though.  I was in one of those charity shops that sell furniture and a wee pensioner couple were looking around.

Wife to hubby         "That's a nice wee computer table, i'nt it?"
Hubby                       "Aye, no bad."
There was a short pause ...
Wife                            "Shame we've no got a computer."

And they wandered on.
It was just one of those perfect moments!

Absolutely no luck charity shopping today.  The £30 tea set was still there (2 months, now) and the plastic basket of china was still as full and awkwardly placed as ever!

Think I'm going to give up collecting china, it is becoming too expensive.  I'll leave it to the experts.  Hope you had better luck today!

Love, Liz

Friday 10 May 2013

Patriotic Knitting - WW1 Style

During the first world war, women were encouraged to knit for the men away fighting.

I found these advertisements in a copy of Needlecraft Practical Journal No 117.

Must have been awful just knitting in khaki. white, natural, greys and drabs ... what on earth is drab - beige, perhaps?

I suppose it was a great way to get women who couldn't go out to work to help. 

Wonder if there was a quality control centre - or some poor chaps got the socks with dropped stitches.

Has anyone been watching BBC's "The Village" on Sunday evenings?  Its a bit drab (that's my word for the day)!!!!!  But I suppose it must have been a dreadful struggle for many to keep the family together and provide enough food for them to eat. 

Can't wait for the return of  The Paradise, Ripper Street, Mr Selfridge, Call the Midwife - think I prefer my history with a touch of glamour, humour ... and handsome men!  Funnily enough don't feel that I want to add Downtown to this list, thought the last series was a bit flat.  Perhaps I was expecting too much.

Love, Liz

Many thanks for all your lovely comments on the previous post.  I ended up doing absolutely nothing, but felt better for it!  I guess we all have days like that.  It is so good to have blogging buddies who understand. 

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Restless ....

There are crochet granny squares to finish ...

There's knitting to be done ...

How about I get on with this cross stitch ...

Don't know what's wrong today, just can't settle to anything!  I'm restless, searching the cupboards for chocolate.  Perhaps there's something nice in the freezer ... nope!  There's housework to be done, lots of it.  There's painting I could be getting on with, can't be bothered.

Don't want to stay in, but its raining again here in Greenock and I don't want to go out either.  I don't drive so I'll get soaked, its really pouring.
Is it just me?
Restless ..........
Love, Liz

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Gold Stars!

I went charity shopping today more in hope than in anticipation after have a few terrible weeks with few finds.

However I was lucky and found this vintage milk jug and sugar bowl set made by Tuscan china.  It is a lovely delicate shade of pink with gold stars, but my bad photography is not showing it to its best advantage.

It even has a lovely little design on the inside.

I looks very like this vintage Imperial set I've had for ages, but it is white and gold.  Same design on the inside.

Charity shop crazy stuff -
£30 tea set still there!  Mixed china in basket - now even more china crammed into a larger plastic basket with nowhere to set out individual pieces and see what's there! 

Weather - it is actually lovely and sunny here in Greenock - hip, hip hooray!!!!!
Joining with Max at Op-Shop Show-Off - come and add your finds!

Love, Liz