Saturday 29 June 2013

Beautiful Butterfly Plates

I went to my first car boot sale today and boy, am I glad that I did!

I got these two lovely vintage Tuscan plates with a beautiful butterfly and blossom pattern.

The background is a pretty pink shade.

Don't think that they've ever been out on display, never mind used.  The gilding on the edge is in perfect condition.

I absolutely adore them!  Does anyone have any idea when they were made?

Love, Liz

Thursday 27 June 2013

Pretty Vintage Cake Plate

This is one of the first vintage items I ever bought - many, many years ago!  Of course it wasn't called vintage then - just "old fashioned".

Its a lovely square art deco-ish cake stand with bakelite handle and two etched glass plates.  I really should have baked some cakes to make it look better in the photographs.

I love the shape of it.  It has some strange markings on one of the metal parts - have no idea what it means - maker's mark perhaps?  Surprised that I haven't blogged about it before - I suppose I've had it so long that its always been there.

What was your first vintage buy?

 Love, Liz

True to form - its the first day of the school holidays here in Greenock and its raining!!!!

Wednesday 26 June 2013

School is Out ... For Summer!

The Greenock schools break up for the summer holidays today!  Time really does fly - or is that just an old age thing!  Hope the weather is more like this -

than this -

Love, Liz

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Toy Shop Print by Anton Pieck

I love these illustrations by the Dutch illustrator Anton Pieck (1895-1987).  They are so Dickensian in character.  I've had a few of these prints on my wall for ages - almost forgot they were there.

This one of an old fashioned toy shop is my favourite.

There is so much detail - look at all the little toys.

I like the warmth in this one of an old tavern.

Love the different characters - especially this sad old man and the little dog trying to comfort him - sweet.

Love, Liz

Friday 21 June 2013

Colourful Crochet Baby Blanket

I've been going crochet crazy this week and finished another little baby blanket.

This time I used a lovely shade of deep purple to outline the granny squares.

It measures 66cm x 72cm - just right for buggy or car seat.

Now on to the next one!

Love, Liz

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Did Your Granny Wear A Pinny?

Did your Granny wear a pinny?

Mine did, but only when she was cooking or doing housework.  I don't have a photograph of her wearing one - that would never do!

I purchased this lovely apron recently from Laura at Just the Biscuit.  She has them in different colours.  Love the vintage look of them.

I love the fabrics in this one and the way it is edged in binding.  Just brings back memories of my Gran.

So - what kind of apron did your Granny wear?  Wrap round like this one, bib front or just a little apron that tied at the waist?

Love, Liz

Tuesday 18 June 2013

The Sinking of the Belmore

One hundred and five years ago today on the 18 June 1908, the tug Belmore sank near Ras Gharib and  eight men, six of them local, died.  The tug, formerly the Flying Scout which was owned by the Clyde Shipping Company had been bought by the Australian company J Fenwick & Co.  Fenwick had renamed it Belmore after the area where he lived.   It was on the journey back to Sydney, Australia that the tragedy happened.

The Belmore had taken on coal at Malta and having passed through the Suez canal, met heavy seas and foundered off Ras Gharib in the Gulf of Suez.  Of the crew of twelve, only four survived.   One man, John Bowie, had a lucky escape.  He had signed up for the voyage but did not sail.  The other survivors were Donald Robertson 2nd mate, seaman Samuel Campbell, James Hepburn and Callaghan both firemen.  In a letter to his wife, which was reported in the Greenock Telegraph on 9 July 1908, Robertson tells the amazing story of his fifteen hours in the water clinging to wreckage before managing to get ashore across a reef, and alert the lighthouse keeper at Ras Gharib.  The survivors suffered from cuts, bruises and the effects of the sun.

Robertson tells the awful tale of his shipmate, Hugh Gray who was spotted in the water near the shore clinging to a hatch.  One of the lighthouse keepers swam out to get to him but was thrown back by the strength of the sea - he had been within five yards of the man.  Unfortunate Gray had no strength left and was drowned.  There were also reports that he had been attacked by a shark.  His body was washed up the next day.  He left a widow and young son in Greenock. 

The captain, Charles Murchie (formerly of Lochranza) was an employee of Fenwick & Co and lived in Dawes Point, Sydney he left a widow and son.  The mate Robert Booche of Lochwinnoch died.  A Gourock man, John M Gallaugher (55) died.   He seems to have been well known in the area. 
All the other men came from Greenock   The Chief Engineer, James L Blue was one of those who died.  His wife told the local paper that he had intended to remain in Sydney and try to find work there and would have sent for her and their children once he was settled.  Hugh Russell left a widow and two young children.  Donald Douglas was 28 years of age and worked for the Clyde Shipping Company.  He lived with his widowed mother and brother.

Perhaps the saddest death is that of Martin Oliver (45).  He had served in the Navy and on the Clyde guard ships Aurora, Superb and Benbow.  Months before the fateful voyage he had been in hospital for some time, having broken his leg.  He left a widow and eight children, the youngest of whom were twin boys.  He would never know his little daughter who was born months after his death and only lived for a year. 

The Board of Trade inquiry into the sinking recorded a verdict that the tug had been overloaded when she left Port Said and that the Plimsoll marks had been submerged. 
The overloading had affected the stability of the vessel. 

Such a sad tale from 105 years ago, but unfortunately not uncommon in those days in ports like Greenock.  The people of Greenock responded generously to the fund that was set up to assist the widows and children of the men who had lost their lives.

Love, Liz

Thursday 13 June 2013

Harrowby Vintage Florals

Found this little vintage floral tea set a while ago in a charity shop and forgot to blog about it!

Its Harrowby china.

Quite understated, but lovely!

Thanks for all your suggestions yesterday - very useful.  I have decided to leave the paper intact because it is actually in very good condition.  If china looked good with it as a background then, I'm sure it will look good now, too!  Thanks again.

Love, Liz

Wednesday 12 June 2013

What Would You Do?

Here's my new baby!  Isn't she gorgeous!

I got this lovely vintage china cabinet from a charity shop on Sunday.  I'd been keeping an eye on it for ages, but at £60 was far too expensive for me. 
Then, last week - result!!!!  It was reduced to £20!!!!!  Immediately it was mine, all mine! 

But I have a dilemma!  I'm going to paint the exterior white, but what to do with the inside?  There's this gold coloured embossed wallpaper on it.  Do I leave it or take it off and re-line with something a bit more ....... well, floral ........ or perhaps something plain?

Hmmm ... what would you do?

Love, Liz

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Tuesday 11 June 2013

Castle Douglas - Food Town

Not only was there a Vintage Fair, but It was also Food Town Day in Castle Douglas on Saturday.  There was a lot of variety - not just the usual burgers!  The smells were delicious!

Castle Douglas itself is a fabulous town - a  proper high street, full of lots of independent shops.  Old fashioned, but in the best sense of the words.  Absolutely wonderful for shopping.

The sun shone which made the atmosphere even better.


The town even has its own brewery - Sulwath Brewers.  Of course we had to sample the beer and the verdict was ... fabulous!  Brought some home as a gift for a friend.

Definitely planning a return visit to Castle Douglas!

Love, Liz

Sunday 9 June 2013

Fabulous Vintage at Castle Douglas

Visited Lady Magpie & Me Vintage and Handmade fair at Castle Douglas yesterday.  It was wonderful!  Organised by Leah Halliday it has been voted best Arts & Crafts Market by Pretty Nostalgic (Issue 6 - you know - the one my lovely vintage china appeared in!).

Fabulous stalls.  I especially loved Just the Biscuit.  Spent ages looking at all the amazing vintage bits and pieces on display.
I bought this lovely little seaside charm from All At Sea - gorgeous jewellery inspired by the seaside.

How could I resist this pretty brooch by Catriona Archibald?  She had lovely buttons and other bits and pieces too.

We rounded off our visit by having a cuppa at Mrs Green's Tea Lounge.  Fabulous cakes - I loved the white chocolate and orange cake, Bestie had coffee and walnut - both were delicious!  Tea was served in vintage china, so that was just perfect for me, although I must curb the desire to turn cups over to see the maker - especially when they are full of tea!

It was a fabulous Fair and a great day out.  I'll tell you all about what else was happening in Castle Douglas tomorrow.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Love, Liz