Friday 31 January 2014

Magnus the Viking, Largs

I took a trip to Largs yesterday - it was a beautiful day.

This large Viking  sculpture is new and was put in place last year to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Largs which took place here in 1263 between the Scots and the Vikings.  Largs hosts a Viking Festival every year - you can read all about it here.

Made of galvanized steel by David Ogilvie Engineering of Kilmarnock, the sculpture is 16 feet (5 metres) tall.  He's called Magnus and can be found right across the street from the famous Nardini Cafe. 

Love, Liz

Tuesday 28 January 2014

As a child I made my own library!

 Do you remember before computerisation we all had cardboard library tickets and the pull out thing from the book was put in your ticket.  I did all that!

I even made tickets for my young brother and my friends!  If they wanted to borrow one of my books I would take the descriptive tag out of the book and put it in their ticket.  Woe betide anyone who was late in returning a book - I remember keeping a list of my books and a note of when they were taken out.  Oh dear, such a nerd - even as a child!

I had forgotten all about this until I discovered this book in amongst all my Ladybird Books recently.  This is Enid Blyton's "Good Morning Book".  The illustrations are by Joyce Johnson - aren't they wonderful?!

As an adult I got to work in a school library for about a year.  It was one of the best jobs I ever had - I absolutely loved it!  I really should have made this my career, the early signs were all there!

Love, Liz

Monday 27 January 2014

Big Squares and Little Squares

I'm glad I decided to go with blue as the edging colour for my crochet.

Because I'm making a sofa throw I am going to make it up with squares of four different sizes.  Usually I make baby blanket which are much smaller.

Really enjoying using every yarn colour in my collection.

I've been sewing in the ends as I go along so that I don't have them all to do at the end - it is such a chore!

Love, Liz

Saturday 25 January 2014

Burns Supper Link-up

The Broons Burns Supper book is the bible for anyone holding a Burns Supper at home.

The drawings are fabulous.

I just love this family!  You can read a previous post here.

Come and join the party - at Shortbread & Ginger's Big Bloggy Burns Supper!

Add a link to your Scottish post (not your blog in general) and don't forget to tell others about the link up.  Hopefully you will find lots of lovely new bloggers to follow.

Love, Liz

Friday 24 January 2014

You Are All Invited ...

I'm going to a Burns Supper on Saturday night at a friend's house.  There will be twelve of us and we intend having a wonderful time.  It made me think that we should have a Big Bloggy Burns Supper right here in blogland! 

You, dear friends - no matter where in the world you live - are invited to

Shortbread & Ginger's
Big Bloggy Burns Supper 

The only rule is that you write a blog post about something Scottish
and add a link to the party! 

Vintage gals - have you found something wonderfully Scottish on your charity shop/thrifting/op shopping adventures?

Fashionistas - got a special little tartan outfit you have been saving for such an occasion?

Foodies - got a great recipe for haggis or shortbread or something particularly Scottish?
Crafters - got something Scottish to show, or a Scottish pattern you just love?
Book lovers - what's your favourite book about Scotland, set in Scotland or written by a Scottish author?
Travellers - got a favourite photograph from your travels in Scotland?

Oh, yes - Robert Burns - lets not forget him!   Love his poetry or going to your own Burns Supper?  Tell us about it!

Lets make this a wonderful, world-wide get together to celebrate Robert Burns and all things Scottish.

The link-up will be open from 9.00 on Saturday morning till 18.00 on Sunday evening. I hope you will join in.  I can't wait to see all your fabulous Scottish bits and pieces!

Please use the invite picture (with a link to Shortbread & Ginger) for your blog and don't forget to tell your friends! 

Love, Liz

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Outlander Books - TV Series Trailer

I know many of you, like me, are fans of Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series of books.  Well, there's good news!

The trailer for the TV series (Starz Network)is now available on Diana's site here or on YouTube.  Looks fabulous!

Talking of all things Scottish - watch this space!!!!!  There's a special event coming up on 25 January - its Burns Night.  But there's going to be a bloggy event too!  More details tomorrow!!!!!

Love, Liz

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Roses To Remember

Found a couple of lovely little saucers.

They are by Royal Stafford and called "Roses to Remember" (great name for a blog!). 

The details in the design are fabulous.

Joining with Max for "Op-Shop Show Off".  Come on over and see what everyone else has found this week.

Love, Liz

Monday 20 January 2014

Tupperware Pickled Onion Thingy!

Isn't it strange that you stop noticing things that you use on a weekly basis?!

I've had this Tupperware pickled onion thingy since I went to my first Tupperware Party back sometime in the early 80s.  It still gets used because I absolutely love pickled onions!

Its just made me realise how many other bits and pieces of Tupperware from then that  I actually have in my kitchen!

Anyone else love pickled onions?  Especially with a chunk of cheese?

I've decided to go with a pretty shade of blue for my crochet.  Thanks to everyone who gave advice. 

Love, Liz

Thursday 16 January 2014

Going Crochet Crazy!

I've been going crochet crazy over the last few weeks, making squares of all sizes, using all the colours of yarn that I have in my stash.

Thinking of using them to make a sofa blanket.  There's only one problem - I can't decide what colour to use as the edging!

Usually I edge with red, but I think I might go for something different this time.  What would you suggest?

And for Helga - this is the Queenie thingy ... its a biscuit barrel!

Love, Liz

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Sweet Little Wooden Clothes Hangers

I found these lovely little wooden clothes hangers in a local charity shop last week.

Yup!  All three for 50p - bargain!!  There are two normal hangers and one for trousers.  They are for children's clothes and so sweet.  Of course I'm already thinking of what to do with them ... paint them white, perhaps?
After yesterday, I had to show some more from my newly discovered Ladybird Book collection.  Of course it had to be "The Story of Clothes and Costume".  Its from the Ladybird 'Achievements' Book series.  This one was written by Richard Bowood and was first published by Wills & Hepworth Ltd in 1964.

The illustrations by Robert Ayton are just amazing.
Love this page on "Clothes of Today" - read the wording - its a hoot!

Going to be an Op Shop Show Off this week and join the lovely Max in New Zealand.  Come on over and share your brilliant charity/thrift/op shop finds.

Love, Liz

Tuesday 14 January 2014

I Knew I Hadn't Thrown Them Out!

I was sure I had them somewhere, and sure enough when we tidied out the under stairs cupboard recently I came across this box of books.   I put it aside and just opened it this morning.  After trawling through the fairy tales and annuals this is what I found .....

Piles of Ladybird Books!!!!!  Happy dance ... ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♫  ♪ ♫ ♫

Some are mine from childhood and some are from when my sons were young.  I knew I wouldn't have thrown them out!

I remember sharing this one with my elder son when he was just a baby!

Well, I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day!

Love, Liz

Sunday 12 January 2014

You Light Up My Life - well, one corner of it!

I love my vintage china cabinet - the one I repainted a while ago, but it was looking quite dull in its little corner of the room.  So I decided to put in a string of lights (left over from Christmas).

I am so pleased with the result.

Everything looks much nicer - the lights shine on the china making lovely shiny highlights.

Brightens up the whole room.

Joining with Nita at ModVintageLife for
Love, Liz