Friday 31 July 2015

Anyone know if these can be cleaned?

I need your help!

These lovely litle butter knives have been in my family for years.  They belonged to my Gran, passed on to my Mum and now I have them!

Don't think that they have ever been used and are now really discoloured.  Found out that the initials EP NS stand for electroplated nickel silver.  Does anyone know if it is possible to clean them?

Even the presentation box is lovely - look at this little clip - so cute!

Love, Liz

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Beano Bonanza

Whenever I see an old fashioned Beano comic it remind me so much of my childhood.

Every week I would get the Beano and my brother would get the Dandy.  They were delivered by the Co-op newsagent on a particular afternoon (I think it was a Wednesday) along with our evening paper.  My brother and I would wait patiently at the door for the paper boy to come along.

We read our comics immediately, but didn't swap till the next day - well, they had to be read all over again in bed that night!  Sometimes Dad would read his favourite parts to us - that was a great treat because he made up silly voices for the characters.  We loved that!  My favourites were the Bash Street Kids - I thought they were so naughty!

My own sons also read the Beano and Dandy - these are theirs from the 1990s.  Don't have any really old editions.  I have a large box of them and can't bring myself to throw them out.  Beano is still published by D C Thomson.

Love, Liz

Tuesday 21 July 2015

It was going to be turkey salad ...

Last night's tea (that's what some of us Scots call dinner) was going to be warm Parmesan crusted turkey steak with salad ........ but ........ yesterday the weather was terrible here in Greenock - it rained all day, and I had to put my lights on at 5.30 in the evening!  So, salad was out, something more comforting was needed for Hubby and I.  So I just decided to make something else using the two turkey steaks that I had available.  This is what I ended up with -

All I did was add some oil and butter to a pan and cooked finely chopped onion, carrot and celery.  I then added the turkey steaks which I had cubed and let them brown after which I added about a spoonful of flour and stirred to coat the stuff in the pan.  Made some chicken stock which I then added and let it bubble away slowly.  I chopped up some orange and red pepper and added to the pan. The whole thing was then put in the oven to stew.  Meanwhile I cooked some mushrooms with parsley and garlic.  Top Tip!  I like to cook my mushrooms separately and add at the last minute - that way they keep a lot of their size and flavour.  When the stew was ready I took it from the oven, added a good wedge of cream cheese and stirred through, then added the mushrooms and some frozen peas.  After that I just let it warm through on the hob.  (Foodie Bloggers be aware that you have nothing to fear from Shortbread & Ginger's meal posts - I don't know all the jargon and I rarely weigh anything!)

The perfect accompaniment - a recipe I had seen earlier on TV.  I don't usually watch daytime TV, but it was such a rotten day, I decided to give it a go.  I discovered "The Pioneer Woman" on the Food Network channel.  Ree had made some breakfast potatoes to feed her hungry family who were out on the ranch, working with the cattle.  I omitted the peppers, since I had already put some in the stew.  They turned out great!  The Pioneer Woman has a great web site with lots of fabulous recipes.

Hubby's verdict on the last minute meal - said he'd have it again anytime!  So that's something else to add to my easy mid-week meal collection.  Next time I might make dumplings with it!

Of course a little bit of vintage crockery does not go amiss!
Love, Liz

Monday 20 July 2015

Big Time Wonder Books

Found a couple of boxes of books in the cupboard recently.  These from the "Big Time Wonder Book Read With Me" series brought back some lovely memories.  They were such favourites - just the right length for a bedtime story and full of wonderful illustrations.

My all time favourite is "My First Book" beautifully illustrated by Valerie Hodge and Roger Hall.

So sweet!

My sons' favourite was "Crazy Little Car" illustrated by Hilda Boswell.

Others are - Fairy Tales illustrated by Hilda Boswell

"Fairies and Giants" and "Pixieland Rhymes" both illustrated by Rene Cloke.  All the books were printed in the UK for the publisher Peter Haddock Ltd, Bridlington, William Collins Sons & Co Ltd.

Another beautiful little book - "a b c and counting book" illustrated by Jeanne Farrar.

I think these are so lovely!

Love, Liz

Thursday 9 July 2015

My Deirdre Glasses

I have to admit that I shed a few wee tears last night while watching Coronation Street.  Even although I knew it was coming, I felt so sad when Deirdre Barlow's death was announced.

I've watched Coronation Street for years and Deirdre (the actress Anne Kirkbride) was one of my favourite characters.  During the 80s I had glasses just like hers.  I've even kept them.  I wore them as "second best" in the house when I was painting, gardening etc.  Occasionally I'd forget to put on my best pair and go to collect my boys from school only to be greeted with the words "Mum, you've still got your Deirdre glasses on!" Happy days!

So the next time I raise a glass of red - it will be to your memory, Deirdre.

Cheers, Liz

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Not another tea cosy!

I've been knitting like a crazy woman recently - so many tea cosies - think I might be addicted!
I love the look of these two colours together - grey and lilac.

Perhaps not a typical tea cosy combo!?  Goes well with some of my vintage china.

What do you think?

Love, Liz

Thursday 2 July 2015

Did you recognise the album cover?

Yesterday's album cover quiz was perhaps a little bit obscure - from 1979 it was "Reality Effect" by The Tourists.

It featured their cover of the Dusty Springfield song "I Only Want To Be With You".

Two of the more famous members of The Tourists were Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart.

Even the back cover is pretty cool!

Love, Liz

Wednesday 1 July 2015

I wanted to look like Barbara

This is what I wanted to look like in the 70s.

It is a picture of Barbara Dickson from and album cover from 1977.  I had the "curly perm" and the jeans, I got myself a checked cheesecloth shirt - unfortunately I still didn't look quite as "cool" as Barbara!  Couldn't bring myself to wear a kerchief!

Never mind!  Here's another picture of Barbara.

While I was looking through my records I came across this album art from 1979  -

I've decided to have a wee quiz, unfortunately there will not be any prizes.  Do you know the name of the album and the artists?  Answers tomorrow!

Love, Liz