Monday 30 November 2015

Happy St Andrew's Day!

Happy St Andrew's Day!

Aren't these wee Scotties so cute?!

If you'd like to know why St Andrew is Scotland's patron saint then you might be interested in today's post in my other blog - The Greenockian.

Love, Liz

Tuesday 24 November 2015

The invisible authors!

I went on a bit of a jaunt yesterday.  I travelled from Greenock to Stirling - two and a half hours and two buses.  It was a typical rainy November day - but I had an event to attend at Stirling Castle.
Historic Scotland (of which I'm a member) were hosting an author event for Scottish Book Week. My favourite author Diana Gabaldon and the Scottish archaeologist Neil Oliver were to be speaking.  I was really looking forward to it.  The event was held in the great hall of Stirling Castle - it was beautiful.  There were candles and a lovely Christmas tree.  The wooden ceiling is amazing to look at ................ just as well - because it was the only thing I could see.

I was sitting about a third of the way back and here's my view - the back of other people's heads.

Yes, Diana and Neil are there ..... somewhere!
The authors were sitting on a tiny dais - I'm sure only the first few rows could actually see them! There wasn't even a screen behind them that we could look at!  I have no idea who the woman leading the "discussion" was - haven't a clue what she looked like.

So what did these two authors have in common ... well ... errr!?  Diana Gabaldon's books are set in the 18th century..  I hadn't even realised that Neil Oliver had written a work of fiction, but it seeming is set in the 15th century and deals with the fall of Constantinople. So lots in common then?!

Diana Gabaldon at Waterstones last year.
A very disappointing evening followed by the long trek home.  Really a waste of time.  Enjoyed seeing and listening to Diana Gabaldon at Waterstones in Glasgow last summer - now that was a worthwhile event.  Sorry for the long moan - but you know how it is when you have a major disappointment.  Perhaps Historic Scotland could try and make their guest speakers a bit more visible to those of us who have paid for the privilege of seeing them!

Love, Liz

Monday 16 November 2015

Vintage 60s selection box

I found something amazing when I was doing a bit of clearing out (well, re-arranging really)!  Look at this Cadbury's Selection Box from the 1960s!

Can't quite believe the prices - a Flake for threepence and a bar of chocolate for a shilling (5p)! There was a little game on the back.

BUT ... it was what was inside that I had totally forgotten about!  The contents are out of this world!

A selection of press cuttings from 1968 and 1969 all about the moon landings.

I must have been quite a collector - even in those days.  I had totally forgotten about these.

Haven't a clue what I'm going to do with them.  Have to admit that I found the other sides which had news from the time and especially the adverts more interesting this time around!

Funny what turns up - have you found anything interesting recently?  Share them with a link in the comments section and I'll highlight a few over the next few days.

Love, Liz

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Vintage Roman Ladybirds

I was rearranging my Ladybird books recently and noticed that I had a "double" about Julius Caesar and Roman Britain.

Printed a couple of decades apart, it is interesting to see the different covers and the fonts used.

The first one is an early one with a paper dust jacket, the second one is from the 70s.

As usual with Ladybird Books, the illustrations are fabulous.

Love, Liz

Monday 2 November 2015

Hallway Transformation

You know how it is when you are about to have visitors - you take a look around the house and one particular spot really stands out as needing a quick make-over.  That's what I thought about a neglected corner of my home.

We live in a first floor flat and the stairwell from the main door had been sadly neglected!  Hardly the most attractive of welcomes for visitors.  I had a couple of plants out there which seemed to be doing well.  But that was about it!

So drab and uninteresting!

Anyway - I got some herbs in pots, added a little plant stand and a mirror which I found at the back of a cupboard and now I think it looks quite attractive.  Added some battery operated fairy lights and remote controlled battery operated candles - such a difference!

A much nicer welcome for my visitors don't you think?  My wax flower plant was magnificent this year.

Hope you like my makeover!
Love, Liz