Friday 26 February 2016

Lovely Ladybird Books

Thought I'd share some more Ladybird Books from my (growing) collection.

Dick Whittington and his cat - a great favourite as you can see from its condition!  Story retold by Vera Southgate and illustrated by Eric Winter.  They were also responsible for the next book -another well-loved tale - Puss in Boots.

Big Animals - lots of information for children to enjoy.

Written and illustrated by John Leigh-Pemberton.

Road Sense - love the pictures in this - so dated (1977) now, but great to look at.  Written by R Collingridge and illustrated by B H Robinson.

The Vikings - such a fabulous book just full of fascinating pictures and information.  Written by Stephanie Bardon and illustrated by Richard Hook and Jon Davis.

Loved these book as a child.  My children loved them and I still love them.  They really can't be beaten for fabulous writing and illustrations.

These are my Five on Friday - come and have a look at some fabulous blogs.

Love, Liz

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Lovely cook book

I hardly knew how to boil an egg when I got married many years ago - but this fabulous cook book helped me a lot.  I also loved it because of the fabulous colour pictures and illustrations.

It is the Hamlyn All in One Cook Book first published in 1976.  The illustrations are by Robin Laurie - aren't they great!

It also has lots of photographs as well as step by step guides to choosing ingredients and very easy to follow recipes.

Always came to my rescue when I was having friends round for dinner and wanted something a wee bit special.

Do you have a favourite recipe book?

Love Liz

Sunday 7 February 2016

Tea and interiors

I just love my new little vintage look tin which I'm using as a tea caddy.

The weather here has been awful and we suffered a bit of storm damage to our home, so I needed a bit of cheering up.

Found this new magazine - Reclaim - it has lots of great articles about upcycling and showcases some fantastic vintage furniture which has been transformed.  It has lots of photos of unusual home interiors. I just loved looking at this magazine - inspiring!

My favourite piece in the magazine is this dresser!  I don't usually go for pink, but this is just fabulous.

Love, Liz